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Friday, March 8, 2019

Crash Leaves Car Mangled on Alexandria Pike in Southgate

A bad car crash occurred in Southgate on US 27 when the vehicle smashed into a utility pole around 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon.

A man was driving the vehicle and first responders could be seen taking the man away on a gurney.

It's not yet clear if he survived or how serious the injuries may have been.

Witnesses on the scene said a power line was downed across the vehicle.

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"I saw a car and power lines coming towards my car so we drove across the street into the car wash (2404 Alexandria Pike). The car was almost completed destroyed," said Jacob Loudermilk.

As of 5:00 p.m., US-27 was closed near the intersection of Highland Avenue near the Fort Thomas city limits.

Fort Thomas Matters has reached out to Southgate Police Department to confirm details about this crash.

This story may be updated.


  1. I was at the carwash directly across the street from that pole. Heard the crash turned around. The car, a Honda accord overturned at least once then ended up back on all four tires. The bottom two feet of the pole still under the car. He was doing at least 50 mph. Either the driver suffered a medical emergency or it was a heroin overdose everyone at the scene seems to think the ladder.. The driver could not be extricated from the vehicle until Duke Energy cut the power to the line which was laying across the cable line which was laying on top of the car. The driver did not survive the accident. It would be speculation but it doesn't look like the accident was the cause of his fatality. The airbag deployed and there was no apparent injuries to his body.
    there was a reported overdose in the Saint Theresa parking lot just a block away, about 35 minutes later. On the same street. Seems to be more than coincidence that these two incidents are connected.