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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

David Dooley Found Guilty, Motive Explained

Attorney General Andy Beshear and his Office of Special Prosecutions today announced that a Northern Kentucky man has again been found guilty of the May 29, 2012, murder of Michelle Mockbee.

The Boone County jury returned its verdicts of guilty on charges of murder and tampering with physical evidence on March 13, against David Wayne Dooley, 45, of Burlington.

Dooley’s retrial, prosecuted by Beshear’s office and investigated by the Boone County Sheriff's Office, began on Feb.18, 2019, and was submitted to the jury on March 12, 2019. The jury deliberated for more than six hours before returning its guilty verdicts.

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Throughout the retrial, Beshear’s office maintained that Dooley murdered Mockbee after she discovered he had been falsifying time cards and stealing from Thermo Fisher Scientific in Boone County, where Dooley worked as a janitor, and where Ms. Mockbee was the office manager in charge of payroll.

The Commonwealth believes Ms. Mockbee may have surprised Dooley as he was breaking into her office on the morning she was murdered.

Dooley was first convicted of Ms. Mockbee’s murder in 2014. However, in 2016, it was discovered that a video of an unknown man walking around the warehouse less than 12 hours before Ms. Mockbee was murdered and the complete personnel file of one of the lead detectives had not been provided in discovery by the original prosecutor.

Attorney General Beshear’s office brought this to the attention of the trial judge, and after an approximately weeklong hearing, the trial court ruled that the conviction was to be vacated and the case set for retrial.

“Justice demands a fair trial process,” said Beshear. “Through this retrial, Mr. Dooley received a fair trial and was convicted. Justice has now been served.”

The jury is now hearing evidence regarding the appropriate penalty for Dooley.

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