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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fort Thomas Recreation Department Creates "Fit in the Fort"

The Fort Thomas Recreation Department has a new opportunity available that allows people to try new fitness classes that are associated with Fort Thomas.

Kat Disney, who is the Program Coordinator for the Fort Thomas Recreation Department said that she's excited to unveil the program that she and her staff have been working on for a number of months.

"We have partnered with area businesses to create an amazing program," she said. "This is a great opportunity/excuse to try things you've wanted to try and step out of your comfort zone." 

The program, which has a cost of $50, gives you access to a number of area businesses like St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas, Barre3 Fort Thomas, Mint Yoga Studio, VIBE Dance Fitness, the Campbell County YMCA and more.

Participants weigh-in on April 27 and for the next six weeks while attending classes and clinics of participating businesses, you then weigh-out on June 8 to check your progress with prizes going to winners in different categories.

Prize categories include, "most miles walked", "most classes attended", "most weight lost", "biggest BMI change", "most muscle gained", and "most social media check-ins".

"Fit In The Fort is a six week opportunity to visit gyms, studios, and classes you've been wanting to try for one low price. Participants are able to monitor their weight, body fat composition, diet and physical activity levels, so whether you're already an active gym member or just starting out on your health and wellness journey, this program is for you," said Disney.

"From CrossFit to Yoga, Pickleball Clinic to Slow Bike Rides, you'll find something that fits you and your lifestyle."

Disney said that weigh-in and weigh-out will be private and that participants will receive a "Fit In The Fort" packet at weigh-in.

The packet will include all of the class descriptions, a schedule for each business, a goal sheet, and your tickets to the classes. and a break down of how to read your weigh in results. Each participant will receive a t-shirt on June 8.

For a full list of participating businesses and more information, you can visit here. 

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