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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Readers: Let's Share Your Stories of Celebration

By Jeremy Shannon 

This morning as we headed out to her preschool class, my daughter asked me the same question she asks every time we get into our van: “Are we going my favorite way?”

Three-year-olds ask questions all of the time, but this has become one of my favorites. You see, coming out of our neighborhood there comes a point where we turn onto Alexandria Pike and while either way we turn has taken her to some kind of fun, one way is her favorite. What’s the difference?

One way will eventually lead to Fort Thomas Ave. The progression of Fort Thomas Ave points some of her favorite places in the world. “Look! The ice cream place! My gym class! Look, daddy! The park! My preschool! I see my dance class! Daddy, it’s your coffee place!” And on Sundays she always assures me that she will help us find our church.

It’s her favorite way.

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My name is Jeremy Shannon and in 2018 my family was called to serve at First Baptist Church Fort Thomas. Being a native Kentuckian, we were excited to move from Memphis back to the state. We loved the church and I was so excited to live so close to Great American Ballpark and White Castle. What I didn’t understand when we came was just how fortunate we were to be moving to what has quickly become one of my favorite places as well. My wife Jenni gave birth to twin boys Asher and Henry this March and we are so excited that we have been blessed with the opportunity to raise a family in such a great community.

I love all of the places the Crosley loves and many other places in our community that she has not visited My reasons are not just geographical. We have been so encouraged because all of the good things that are happening in Fort Thomas that happen primarily because of the great people we have been able to connect with. I have had a chance to meet community leaders, government officials, small business owners, and so many people that have made us grateful for the opportunity to raise a family.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but some days even though we are blessed with so many things, the world looks a little darker than it used to look. In an age of outrage, it becomes too easy to dwell on all that is wrong and we forget to focus on the good truly in the world. We turn on the news and it seems like hope and joy are hard to come by.

So, with gratitude to Mark Collier for allowing me the space to do this, I would like to work to change that a little bit in our corner of the world. Every few weeks, I would love the opportunity to share stories about some great things, great people, and great events that are going on in the area. I approach this project with a great amount of openness regarding where it might lead.

I would like to celebrate local heroes that perhaps have served without fanfare, groups working to make our communities better, and stories about how our community is working to impact the world.

Because I am new, this is where I need your help. If you have ideas about stories that you think help celebrate all that is good in our community, please send me an email at .

I can’t promise we will be able to share every story, but we will work to cover a wide range. I think we know some good things that we see each day, but I believe we will all be encouraged by the things going on each day that we are completely unaware of.

I look forward to meeting with you and hearing your stories. Most importantly, I’m excited to work together to celebrate the great things happening in our world.

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