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Friday, April 5, 2019

18 Charged with Methamphetamine Possession in Campbell County Jail

On April 1, 18 inmates at the Campbell County Detention Center were charged with Promoting Contraband, due to possessing methamphetamine in the jail. One of the inmates received the additional charge of Trafficking in a Controlled Substance.

Court records allege that Joshua Young smuggled methamphetamine into the jail in a body cavity. Once he was in a cell, according to the report, Young allegedly distributed the methamphetamine to 17 other individuals.

Young was charged and pled guilty to smuggling heroin into the jail in 2016

The cases are set for preliminary hearings on Thursday, April 11 in front of Judge Karen Thomas.

Among those charged with possessing the drug include:

Christopher McGovney
Adam Reece
Harold Maggard
Jeffery Gamble
Robert Meade
Ralph Caldwell
Billy Turner
Cecil Watkins
Donald Berkemeier
Ronald Hartig
Carvel Walters
Jeremy Shelton
Paul Lay
Alexander Lavalle, II
Robert Young
Andrew Klug
Glenn Farmer

The Public Advocate’s office has been charged with representing these individuals.

The Campbell County Public Advocate would only be allowed to represent one of the above individuals due to conflict of interest. It is unclear how the Public Advocate is going to manage to find representation for the remaining 17 people.

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