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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fort Thomas Students Selected for Kentucky Music Education Association All State

Fort Thomas students in grades five through 12 who made KMEA all-state choirs, orchestra and band pose for a large group shot.
By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor

Several students from Fort Thomas schools have been selected by the Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) to join the organization’s all-state choirs, bands and orchestras.

The process of selection included extensive auditions and competition that began last fall. "A lot of these students started working in September to start the process of learning the audition material. Most auditions run mid- to late-October all the way until late November and most found out in December if they made the group," said music teacher Lori Duncan.

"Fort Thomas is represented very well from fifth grade to 12th grades both instrumentally and vocally. All went to Louisville in February to perform," she said.

The students were honored at the March school board meeting.

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Musical seniors share future plans

Elementary students from who work with Moyer music teacher Mary Scaggs and Woodfill’s music teacher David Rockel, made the All-State Chorus. Students from both Highlands Middle School and High School made it to All-State Junior High Choir, which encompasses grades seven through nine.

Highlands High students earned spots on the Women’s Choir, the All-State Orchestra and the All-State Band.

Teacher Kathy Anderson said, "Not all my students could be here [at the meeting] but they represent some of the best orchestra musicians in the state. I have six string players and a wonderful trumpet player...I want to also recognize junior Keely Reitman who also was selected to join the national orchestra this year."

The two Highlands seniors at the meeting shared their plans for the future, and both have been influenced by their teachers to consider entering the music education field. Noah Cooley said he plans to attend Moorhead State and major in music education with an emphasis on trumpet.

Senior Dakota Wehrle plans to attend the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. "I want to major in education concentration on viola. The goal is to do what these wonderful teachers are doing, maybe one day take as many people to all state and other tournaments and grow them into wonderful players...The impact that music has on young people is absolutely amazing, and I would love to inspire them," he said.

The following students made all state:

  • All-State Chorus: Elliott Dunbar, Jake Hagerty, Zoe Hyden, Florence Landon, Addie Littner, Emily Twehues from Moyer; Sophie Uhl from Woodfill.
  • Junior High Choir: Sophia Underhill, Katie Buschle, Sylvie Martin, from Highlands Middle School; Avery Cavacini, Madeline Dadosky, Ashley Kelly, Grace Walsh from Highlands High School.
  • Women's Choir: Maggie Seibert and Emma Horton from Highlands High School.
  • All-State Orchestra: Keely Reitman (violin), Dakota Wehrle (viola), Erin Scott (viola), Will Russell (cello), Harrison Pawsat (cello), Max Birchfield (bass).
  • All-State Band: Noah Cooley (trumpet).

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