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Monday, April 1, 2019

Thomas: A Kentucky Musical, features Life in Fort Thomas

By Stephanie Class

The Fort Thomas theater district is the place to see and be seen thanks to Thomas: A Kentucky Musical. Billed as a country-infused hip hop musical, Thomas is a show for the ages. Written by the brilliant LM Samantha, the musical follows the life of General George Thomas. Samantha can also be seen on stage in the show's titular role.

The show features all your favorite iconic musical numbers, including “Civil War Battle #1,” “My Shot (of Old Pogue Bourbon),” and “It's Quiet Up Fort Thomas Avenue.”

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Fort Thomas Matters spoke exclusively with Quincy Baker, who plays General Thomas's Horse in the show. “My dream is to be in Cats on Broadway, so I was really excited to have the chance to embody another animal. Anytime I can play an animal in a show, I jump at the opportunity. I look at it as the ultimate training for a role in Cats. Performing as an animal is so different from that of a human. It takes a very exact and interesting skill set, and I'm happy to put those skills to work in this show,” said Baker.

Baker prepared for the role of Horse by spending time at local horse barns, and even made a trip to the Kentucky Derby last May. He also lived in storage shed behind LM Samantha's house. “We really wanted it to be as authentic as possible,” said Baker. “LM doesn't own a barn, so we made the shed work. I'm really going to miss my hay bed when this is all over.”

The major takeaway from the show: are you going to become the Rock of Chickamauga of your life, or will you let the war get you down?

Fort Thomas Matters will be giving away four free tickets to the show. Just message us with the code “April Fool's Day” to become entered in the contest.

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