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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"Upcycle" your home with “Faded Finds”

By Jessica Eden 

If you’ve ever inherited a piece of furniture that you loved but it didn’t quite fit your style, you understand the difficulty of merging various types of decor. This process can be frustrating. You may want to keep a legacy piece like your grandmother’s old hutch...but it doesn’t fit your current style.

Where do you turn?

Well, sometimes, you just need a creative professional to lend a helping hand. If anyone can help with this type of situation, it’s Heidi Barrett with “Faded Finds”.

Faded Finds, a full service home and gift store located at 654 Highland Avenue in Fort Thomas, focuses on “Upcycling” to assist you with all your home decor needs. “The definition of upcycling is the act of turning an existing piece and giving it a new life or purpose.  An example might be turning a china cabinet into a bar or a dresser into a bench or entertainment center. There are many ways to upcycle,” said Barrett.

“Many people have existing or inherited furniture that doesn’t fit their decor of lifestyle. It’s difficult to find well made furniture that is economical. It’s exciting to reinvent these pieces. You can upcycle anything from lamps to cabinets, dining room suites to complete bedrooms. Faded Finds has experience in painting, construction, repair and light upholstery.”

With a mixture of hard work, a unique eye and a passion for upcycling, Barrett’s ability to transform items keeps customers coming back for more. “Some of my most exciting moments come from taking a family heirloom and turning it into the favorite furniture piece in the home,” said Barrett. “A piece that is used everyday and will be passed on to the next generation. The biggest transformations are through paint. I love taking an old, discarded, tired piece and giving it a fresh new coat of paint and giving it a new life!

Barrett has a special talent for this type of creative decor work and she has customers raving about her designs and the way she has transformed their homes. “Heidi is my dreamweaver,” said Kathryn Osseage, a client from Anderson, Ohio. “Sometimes I know exactly what I’m looking for, other times I’m clueless. Either way, Heidi works with me to make my dream a reality.”

If you’re looking to revamp a worn out piece of furniture, check out the long list of services and handmade items at Faded Finds. “We highlight furniture, vintage goods, home accessories and gifts. All items are found or handmade. Things are not ordered from catalogues. We have candles, jewelry, lamps, pictures, vintage flannel shirts, holiday decor, upcycled furniture, signs & gift items.

Do you have a special project that needs Barrett’s touch? It is likely she’ll be able to help you. She even comes with several recommendations from happy customers.

“I always tell people that Fort Thomas has many wonderful shops. One of my favorites is Faded Finds and it’s owner is one of my favorite people. Heidi’s fabulous gift for color, creativity, and uniqueness is evident in almost every room in my home,” said Jen Jones, a client from Fort Thomas.

“She painted several wood pieces and brought them back to life. She always knows just what knob will give the perfect finishing touch.”

Client Leigh Cole of Union, Ky. found that hiring someone with an interior design background helped to create a cohesive vision for her kitchen remodeling project. “Heidi was such a pleasant surprise...what a breath of fresh air!  We definitely received more than we were expecting when we hired our painter for our cabinets. Having an interior design background, Heidi was the only person who could accomplish what we needed,” said Cole. “She was able to visualize the perfect cabinet and island colors from the ones we had chosen, offer design advice for our kitchen and adjoining rooms, as well as design the complete upgrade for our island. Our cabinets look outstanding!”

Faded Finds’ custom projects include; transforming kitchen cabinets, furniture and lamps, creating custom signs and heirloom projects and offering services such as paint consultations and interior design work. Not sure what you’re looking for? Just pop in and check out the shop...there is something new every day. “I’ve been in business for four years and welcome people to stop in and just take a look,” said Barrett. “I love what I do and love that my store continues to change and involve.

There’s always new treasures!”

For more information on their hours and location, click here.

More examples of Faded Finds' work:

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