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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

“Vibe Dance Fitness” creates community, makes working out fun

Location: 3 West 6th Street - Newport, Kentucky 41071

By Jessica Eden 

When Fort Thomas resident Marquita Lonaker was looking for a gym in the area, she tried several different locations. After several trials and memberships, she decided to ‘break up’ with the idea of finding the perfect gym. She looked to YouTube for some fitness channels she could try at home and that is when she fell in love with dance fitness.

“It was so much fun and you really broke a sweat. As much fun as dancing alone in your living room while your toddler silently judges you is fun, I really just wanted this experience in an uplifting and fun group setting,” said Lonaker. “That's when I knew that if I wanted something like that, I needed to take action. I want to break the stigma that working out has to be this daunting task. It CAN be something you look forward to, and can be fun!”

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In 2017, Lonaker decided to create her own dance fitness classes to create a fun community where other like-minded people could work out together and actually enjoy themselves while doing it. Now, Vibe Dance Fitness is a close-knit, welcoming group of fitness fanatics that have a lot of fun.

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We have an absolutely amazing group who regularly takes classes, the energy, the atmosphere, and the music is unlike any other group fitness class. We are a family. It is your "me" time. For one hour you're not worrying about the kids, the dishes, the sports schedule, your deadline at work etc,” said Lonaker. “You're dancing alongside some amazing people, having fun, and getting a great cardio workout in. We have hip hop classes, Latin, and classes that mix all different music types together. There is something for everyone.”

Why is fitness so important to Lonaker? She is a wife and a mother and she wanted to be more active with her son. “If he wants to play tag I want to play tag with him. I was that mom who sat and watched her son play for many years,” said Lonaker. "I never want to go back to that. I don't want that for any parent. You deserve to be healthy and to feel good, for your family but most importantly for YOU. Self-care is so important, you can not pour from an empty cup.”

For those who are a little intimidated by group fitness and dancing in public, Lonaker has some words of encouragement and only two rules. “People hear dance fitness and usually follow with ‘I CAN'T dance’. I would say roughly 80 percent of my returning clients said that their very first class," said Lonaker.

“Now they're the ones standing in the front row! I understand group fitness can seem intimidating, but we have a completely different environment from when you think "gym". At every class, I state our two class rules; 1) Keep moving and 2) No judging yourself or others. We do not care if you walk in place the whole class, we just want you to move! Everyone will make you feel welcomed and comfortable. 

You will learn the moves!”

Even those with a dance background who have explored all different types of workouts are drawn to Vibe Dance Fitness. “I’ve been dancing all my life and I’ve tried just about every possible local workout program,” said student Pattiann Brofft, “I love the Vibe workouts and environment. The ladies are all friendly and welcoming and we have a fun time dancing off the pounds. Come and try it you will be a fan too!”

The welcoming atmosphere makes Vibe Dance Fitness a friendly environment for everyone, no matter your fitness level. “I love coming to Vibe because I don't feel judged. Everyone is friendly and ask how are you or your day,” said student Brandy Abplanalp. “To me, VIBE feels like a 2nd family. I highly recommend anyone to try VIBE. There is no judging, and you feel motivated to keep moving no matter how tired you feel. It's affordable and fun.”

Working out can be a struggle for some people but Lonaker is devoted to creating an environment and community that helps you find that motivation to stay fit and have fun.

“Vibe is truly a special place. It is so much for than a place to workout. The people make it amazing. We come together to lift one another up. Whether you're just beginning your fitness journey or you've been on it for years, you will feel comfortable here. Your vibe attracts your tribe. When you're authentically yourself, you will attract the people you want to be around. We want you to succeed and cheer you on.”

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Vibe Dance Fitness will never ask you to sign a contract so no need to worry. You can view all their pricing and their class schedule here.


  1. Vibe Fitness has absolutely been my saving grace! I am super picky about dance classes and my prior instructors had moved on with something else. My friend turned me on to Vibe and I haven’t looked back since. I look forward to class and feel accomplished afterwards. I am a really shy person and meeting new people is very intimidating to me. But the women of Vibe welcomed me with open arms. They are a great group of people and my friends. And I cannot say enough about Marqui and the other instructors! They provide me with my happy place - no work calls, texts or emails; no house projects; just time for me!

  2. I have struggled in the past to find a work out that I enjoy, and VIBE is it for me!!! I always look forward to going!