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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Newport Central Catholic Begins Master Plan for On-Campus Improvements

A rendering of an on-campus football field at Newport Central Catholic has made an appearance online and has social media buzzing.

Director of Institutional Advancement at NCC, Kenny Collopy said the field is part of a larger vision on improvements for the private school located at 13 Carothers Road in Newport, but is still early in the process.

Stop searching, start finding. Coffman's Realty. 

"This whole process really began in the Fall of 2017, but still has a ways to go," said Collopy. "Within our Diocese, we must follow necessary specific steps to be sure we have everything taken care of before we begin detailing and fundraising for such large visions like an on-campus athletic complex, which is only a part of what our focus has been."

Collopy said stakeholders began meeting in the Fall of 2017 with members of the community to discuss the future of the school with regard to enrollment, expansion, engagement and development.

They met with the Administration of the Diocese of Covington in June of 2018 and presented a preliminary vision for a Capital Campaign.  According to Collopy, all schools in the Diocese must receive permission and go through the steps to move forward with any sort of extensive fundraising, renovations or additions to the physical campus.

Collopy said that NCC was granted approval and are now in the beginning stages of creating a Master Plan for the physical improvement of our campus. They have hired Hub+Weber Architects have implemented a Master Plan Committee made up of alumni, donors, parents, and faculty assembling about once a month.

Collopy said aside from the improvements and addition to the sporting fields on campus, they are looking at converting their Science Labs into STEM Labs, an expansion of their black box or the construction of an auditorium and improving the existing religious structures on campus.

"These visions again are in the very early stages of formation," said Collopy. "Obviously, the field has been garnering the most attention as it is a giant project that many do not think possible due to our current land situation; however, it is a reality that this structure can fit on this hill.  We are very much aware of the issues of erosion on the Carothers Road side of our Hill and we are working with the Diocese to take care of this situation before moving forward with anything.

This is why the Master Plan is necessary.  The Diocese will not, nor should they, let us move forward with any sort of rash planning."

Newport Catholic plans on completing their Master Plan by the end of this summer and follow it with a presentation to the Diocese.  The Diocese will then decides if their plan is reasonable enough to move forward with a feasibility study that gathers information on the fundraising capacity of their community.

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After the feasibility study, they must then get further approval to move forward with the fundraising aspects of these projects and essentially start a Capital Campaign.  After the Capital Campaign, construction would begin.

"This is a long process, but we are excited that the process is moving forward and creating an excitement in a community that has seen decreased enrollment over the past few years," said Collopy.

"Our Master Plan may end up being broken into different phases, but again it is necessary to complete this large vision so we can make educated decisions for our future and also have confidence in asking for its support. There are a lot of unknowns at this moment as far as cost and a timeline go.  We are being diligent and deliberate so we can offer the best version of Newport Central Catholic to our students, parents, alumni, and community."

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