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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

No One Fights Alone: The 13th Annual Luke Muller Golf Outing

LMGO former recipient on his last day of chemo

Tim Price of Hand In Hand Realty
"Buying and selling a house should be fun," remarks Tim Price, local realtor for Hand In Hand Realtyan agency that serves Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Northern Kentucky. Price believes in paying it forward through grassroots giving back campaigns. His passion and enthusiasm for people show in his effort to truly getting to know his client's interests and figure out what makes them tick in order to find their perfect home. When asked what he brings to his client's experience of home buying and selling he says, "Buying and selling a house should be fun. I like to get to know my clients, learn what they like and become a friend. I try to take the stress out of the process." 

Hand in Hand Realty has been incredibly supportive of Price's philanthropic pursuits including The Luke Muller Golf Outing (LMGO). Price has always been driven by the desire to serve others and give back to his community and his work as a realtor is no exception. Buying or selling a home with Price through Hand in Hand Realty means donating a portion of his commission to the client's charity of choice or to the LMGO. Buying or selling a home becomes more than just a sale, it is a way to invest oneself in the community and to play a direct role in making the world a better, more connected place.

Luke Muller


"Cancer saved my life." Over a decade ago Tim Price was sitting a room at Children's Hospital with his friend John Muller’s four-year-old son, Luke Muller, who was being treated for lymphoma. Tim recalls the little boy in his hospital bed watching the movie Cars, his small body connected to various tubes and the incessant beeping of monitors and the low din of hallways conversations and doors closing filled the room. At some point, Tim started to cry and Luke looked over and asked if he was ok.

It was Luke's innocent concern for Tim, the simple, beautiful exchange of caring words between a very sick child facing cancer and an adult who felt completely helpless in the face of undeniable circumstances that inspired the first annual Luke Muller Golf Outing (LMGO), a fundraiser founded on friendship and the promise of not having to fight illness alone. Luke Muller is now a healthy and thriving16-year-old Highlands High School student whose story continues to inspire others to provide support for local families. Price says, "A lot of people ask why we do it. Why wouldn't you? Because we can."

Tim Price with friends at recent LMGO event

"I thought everyone would be healthy forever," recalls Price, who grew up in Taylor Mill and wasn't exposed to the realities of severe childhood illness until his experience with four-year-old Luke. "Luke changed my life to be a better person, to think differently." Price loves people and one of his strengths is bringing people together for the good which he has ultimately channeled into a life of philanthropic pursuits including several giving back events that run the gamut from supporting local neighborhoods via clothing and toy drives to helping families and individuals through difficult times of devastating illness.

John Muller and life long friends that come from all over the US to play every year


Attendance and community involvement in the LMGO has increased each year since the first event in Northern Kentucky's Devou Park. Price remembers it being a very small and quaint outing that had the potential to grow into something bigger. He saw in it the promise of a fundraiser that allowed people in the community to raise money and provide spiritual, emotional, and financial support those who need it most.

Price and others including John Muller, Heather Bailey, Terri Adams, Jeff Hicks, Brian Schwalbach, Shawn Hopper and many others who spearheaded the first LMGO knew they were onto something great. As Price noted, "It's so easy to give, it’s so hard to take. We have to help people be helped. No one fights alone." The LMGO after-party event outgrows each year's venue which has included: Devou Park, Covington Turner's, and Highland Event Center. This year the LMGO after-party moves to Tower Park in the historic Mess Hall.


August 24, 2019 marks the 13th annual Luke Muller Golf Outing which will be hosted at Kenton County Golf Course. Each year the event raises money for two local individuals chosen by Price's small team of friends that work together with local businesses, organizations, and caring individuals to make the event not only possible but an awe-inspiring success. Register to participate in the golf outing and come to the after party for great music and dancing, local food, games, and raffles! LMGO/ Fort Thomas Provides is a registered 501c3 and all tax-deductible donations will support local families fighting cancer.

Kenton County Golf Course


Jon McSorley is a longtime resident of Fort Thomas where he is a husband, father, coach, and friend. He has coached basketball at Highlands High School for over 20 years. Jon was first diagnosed in his late 20's with ulcerative colitis. Over a decade later in 2016 he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease affecting the bile duct and liver called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). There is no known cure for this disease and patients with PSC are known to be high risk of Cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the bile duct) and in Janurary 2019, Jon received that diagnosis. Treatment for this has taken Jon to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN while also being listed on the liver transplant waiting list. 
Chasity Harney is currently teaching 5th grade at 6th District Elementary in Covington. On October 8th, 2018 Chasity was diagnosed with stage III adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Since her diagnosis, she has undergone 30 radiation treatments and 12 rounds of chemotherapy over a six-week period. On January 24th at the James Ceneter in Columbus she underwent surgery and had a lobotomy performed on her left lung. During this surgery they were able to remove two tumors, 11 lymph nodes, and one nodule. She is currently recieving more chemotherapy. 


13th Annual Luke Muller Golf Outing Details

When: August 24, 2019
Where: Kenton County Golf Course
Time: 9am Registration, 11am Shotgun Start
LMGO/Fort Thomas Provides is a 501C3Registration and sponsorship opportunities can be found at

LMGO After-Party Details

When: August 24, 2019
Where: Tower Park Mess Hall, Fort Thomas
Time: 5:30pm - midnight
Cost: $10

Entertainment Highlights:

  • Dave May & Ben Messmer
  • Dance the night away with The Leftovers
  • Raffles, games, auctions, all night dancing

Food & Bar Services:
The Midway Cafe
McHale's Events & Catering
Pee Wee's

For more information about the Luke Muller Golf Outing:

LMGO/Fort Thomas Provides is a 501c3. Your tax-deductible donation will support local families fighting cancer.

Contact: Tim Price


Cell: (513) 886-3729

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