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Friday, June 7, 2019

The Deeper Roots Within Fort Thomas Coffee

You may have seen new faces behind the Fort Thomas Coffee bar this month.  That’s Justin and Christine Smalley, the enthusiastic new owners of Fort Thomas Coffee.

They have been spending their first month of ownership diving deep into coffee education, learning from local Cincinnati Coffee Roasters, Seven Hills and Deeper Roots, that coffee is both an art and a science.

Although new to the coffee business, they are not new to the community business.

The Smalleys have been leaders in community engagement, community building, and community service with a family mission to embrace community together.  And what better community for this family to embrace than Fort Thomas where Christine has Deeper Roots than the roast she serves. Our city’s water tower landmark was built by her maternal ancestor, Henry Schriver.  Christine grew up on the street named for him, Henry Avenue, a few houses down from Henry’s childhood home and across from her great-grandmother’s home, attending Moyer Elementary and Highlands High School.  On her paternal side, the Fennell’s have been examples of community love and support throughout her lifetime leading by example in serving the community through a variety of ways.  Most notable, perhaps, her grandfather Clem Fennell Jr. founded the Fort Thomas Junior Football League with his friends.  A program still serving the community more than 65 years later.

In a town that is already family, Justin and Christine are grateful for the opportunity to live out their mission, serving those born within, grafted in, or visiting to enjoy our Fort Thomas Community Tree.

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