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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Clay Frink and Family Advocate for Local Brain Injury Support Group

It has been seven years since Clay Frink was struck by a car in Fort Thomas, resulting in 78 days at Children's Hospital in recovery.

Clay has recovered and since then the Frink family has been advocating for the BRIDGES Helmet Program. BRIDGES, Inc. is a local brain injury support group that helped and supported Clay and his family throughout his recovery.

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"Wearing a helmet is the easiest way to prevent a head injury in wheeled "vehicles", and we do this in support and conjunction with the Fort Thomas Fire Department," said Clay's mother, Pam Frink.

The Frink Family set up a BRIDGES booth on the front lawn of the Fort Thomas Fire Department during the Independence Day Parade and ended up fitting 85 people, mostly children, for bike helmets. Pam stated that they gave away 116 helmets in 2015.

"This is our give back to the community that supported us through his recovery", Pam said.

BRIDGES uses corporate sponsorships and proceeds from both the Northern Kentucky Brain Injury Conference and also the Bernard Family Golf Outing to fund its Bicycle Helmet Program. The purpose of the program is to promote brain injury awareness, safety and prevention.

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