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Friday, July 19, 2019

FT Public House, Studio Root Skin Care hoping to stay in Fort Thomas

FT Public House, 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave.

By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor

While it is too soon to know any solid plans for businesses directly affected by the construction timeline recently announced for the new Central Business District (CBD) development project, tentative plans are already underway.

The businesses located in the stretch along North Fort Thomas Avenue were aware of the potential new CBD development, but it was not certain how the plans would unfold. Now that the CBD development agreement with the city has been approved, a deadline for the start of construction has been set for October 2019.

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Residents have expressed concern about the fate of their favorite businesses currently in the location, especially that of the popular Fort Thomas Public House, 15 N. Fort Thomas Avenue.

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The good news is that owners of the public house say they want to relocate and continue within the Fort Thomas community.

Owner Dave Meyer said that originally the owners had considered they might close but, thanks to an outpouring of support from the community, they plan to continue the business.

"We are looking for a new location within Fort Thomas," he said. He does not yet have a location in mind and said if residents have ideas, they can contact him.

When asked if he might consider reopening in the new development, he said "I might but the biggest obstacle there is it’s two years away." For now, he says, he will look for a new location elsewhere in the city.

Tami Root, owner of Studio Root Skin Care located at 9 Highland Avenue, also has some exciting news. She will close down her current business as of July 31, but already has begun preparation to open a new esthetic salon in Fort Thomas sometime in August or September.

Root has a location for her business selected (1312 S. Fort Thomas Avenue) on the corner of S. Fort Thomas Avenue and Brentwood Avenue, but is working on licensing the new business and outfitting the space for the new salon.

Watch for more news as it unfolds for these popular Fort Thomas businesses.

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