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Friday, July 19, 2019

Highlands Football Players Stay Fit At Barre3

By Jessie Eden 

Don’t you love when things come together? A unique partnership between one Fort Thomas business and the Highlands Football Team is helping the team to get in shape before the season kicks off.

Jessica Donelan, co-owner of Barre3 in Fort Thomas, says the partnership came about earlier this summer. The players attend a Barre3 class each week. “Coach Weinrich's wife, Ashley, is a member at barre3 Ft. Thomas. She approached me about doing a series of summer classes for the team as part of their cross training program,” said Donelan. “I was very excited to offer the team this opportunity, so we worked together on details and everything fell into place.”

Barre3’s unique approach to a fully immersive body and mind experience has offered the players a well-rounded fitness experience.

Barre3 Fort Thomas, located at 90 Alexandria Pike in Fort Thomas Plaza. 
“One of the things our instructors will say during every class is ‘listen to your body’. Barre3's approach is to ask people to really pay attention to what their body is telling them throughout each class, and to change their posture if something isn't feeling great,” said Donelan.

“We work smarter, which allows us to work muscles deeper. At the beginning of our first class with the football team, I asked the athletes to really listen to their body for the next hour, and not to push past negative pain, which is something they are probably not used to hearing as high school football players.”

Donelan also worked with Coach Weinrich to add breath work to their regimen. “The end of our class now involves about 3 minutes of breath work. We ask clients to sit or lie down and close their eyes and tune into their breath. During our first session together, I decided to cut the breath work out of class. Coach Weinrich and I talked after the first session and we decided to give it a try going forward. Each time since, I've had at least one player asks if we are doing breath work this time,” said Donelan.

“Tuning into our bodies and our breath is a really powerful tool that can be hard to tap into if we aren't practicing doing it. My hope is that with this practice, they will be able to do both of those things on and off the field.”

Donelan says the players have been very receptive to this new type of fitness and she hopes to continue it next year. “Working with the football team has been a really great experience. When you introduce something new to teenagers, you never really know what kind of reaction you are going to get (I coached high school softball for 5 years, so I'm familiar with high school athletes),” said Donelan. “They have been so responsive and attentive during each session. It has been an absolute joy working with them, and I hope they'll have us back again next summer!”

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