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Friday, July 19, 2019

Public Hearing Set to Review Revisions to CBD Project

About 75 residents attended the last Planning Commission public hearing on the Central Business District proposal. A new public hearing has been set to review some changes to the Phase One plan.

By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor

The Fort Thomas Planning Commission met Wednesday, July 17, to discuss a few changes to the setbacks and exterior design of the garage as well as the possible addition on one more condo unit, bringing the count of condominium residencies to 19.

"The developer has worked with the city and Woodland residents to address several issues related to the frontage on Woodland. These items are in plan form in General Services office," explained City Administrator Ron Dill.

"Generally, the building would be 'bumped out' toward Woodland Place to visually screen garage opening, and the design of the entry is proposed to include two single entry/exit covered openings instead of a larger single opening. The developer committed to propose this change as part of the Development Agreement."

This move would change the configuration above the garage enough to possibly allow for an additional unit, but the matter is under study at this time. According to the Development Agreement recently signed with the city, the developer is committed to create "at least 18 units," so the addition of one more unit would be in keeping with the agreement.

Because the setbacks, exterior design and number of units may change the Phase One plan, a public hearing is required. The public hearing on August 21 will be held at 7 p.m. at the City Building (130 N. Fort Thomas Avenue).

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