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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Getting to know the newest owner of Kaleidoscope Dance Company

Kaleidoscope Dance Company, located at 1107 South Fort Thomas Avenue, has a new owner, Katie Kinsella. Let's get to know Katie and her story behind how she came to be the new owner of KDC.

Katie Kinsella grew up in Southgate, Kentucky with her parents Mary and Bill Kinsella and her brother Nicholas. "When I was three years old, my Mom enrolled me at Pearman Dance Studio in Fort Thomas and truly I have been dancing ever since," said Katie.

"I attended St. Therese grade school where I participated in cheerleading, soccer, and basketball."

Around the fourth grade, Katie decided she just wanted to cheer and dance and after a couple years she was invited to participate on Pearman's Dance Team to compete solo routines. Her instructor/choreographer for her dance routines at the time was Lindsey (Cottingham) Smith.

Katie attended Highlands High School and participated in golf her freshman year and cheerleading her sophomore year. During the summer of her freshman year, Pearman Dance Studio was in transition and Katie was without a dance studio.

"Luckily that same year, Ms. Lindsey (Cottingham) Smith was opening a new studio in Fort Thomas called Kaleidoscope Dance Company and I was one of the first students to enroll," Katie said.

Katie medaled in several regional, national and international competitions. She went on to graduate from Highlands and Kaleidoscope Dance Company in 2008. After graduating high school, Katie went on to Northern Kentucky University for one year. She became part of the NKU Dance Troupe during that year, under the direction of Ms. Jane Green.

"I made the difficult decision to leave Northern Kentucky University to go away to college and left for Western Kentucky University," Katie explained. "I still needed and wanted to dance, so I auditioned for the Topperettes, WKU's dance team. Upon making this team I danced for every home football and basketball game as well as competed for three National Collegiate Titles."

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Katie graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science and stayed in Bowling Green to work for the next couple of years. She returned home after accepting a job at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. After returning home in 2014, Katie returned to Kaleidoscope Dance Company as a teacher. "I spent four years teaching alongside Lindsey and the great staff at Kaleidoscope Dance Company before Lindsey approached me about purchasing the company." said Katie.

Kaleidoscope Dance Company is a dance school for students ages 3-18 years of age. The curriculum is very diverse from ballet to hip hop to musical theatre. The company was founded in 2005 by Lindsey (Cottingham) Smith who had been teaching dance in several of the local dance studios. At 23 years old Lindsey decided to open a studio of her own.

"This will be our 15th anniversary. We are a small, passionate studio that offers recreational and competitive dance classes. As a company, Kaleidoscope has won many awards throughout the years from judges specialty awards, platinum awards, and 1st overall titles." Katie explains.

Katie officially purchased Kaleidoscope Dance Company in August of 2018. They will be celebrating one full year of ownership very soon!

When Katie was asked why she decided to take on the roll as the owner of Kaleidoscope Dance Company, she said, "Kaleidoscope is my home away from home. Lindsey gave me a safe place where I could be myself; creative and emotional. I can't imagine life without it." Katie went on to explain that the many reasons why she decided to take ownership of the company.

"The timing was right, almost like it was destiny. I wanted to keep Kaleidoscope Dance Company alive and continue to provide the opportunity of dance to so many children in the community. I wanted to be a part of something I'm passionate about, something that's bigger than myself. I wanted to give back to a studio that invested in me. I am beyond grateful that I was given this opportunity."

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