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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Fort Thomas Named Safest City in Northern Kentucky

Another website has ranked Fort Thomas highly in the safety category. ranked every city with a population of over 10,000 and cross referenced those cities against FBI statistics on violent and property crime rates, both of which in Kentucky, are below the national averages. They also calculated the ratio of law enforcement workers to per 1,000 residents to come up with a total score.

Fort Thomas came in at number four on the list, good for best in northern Kentucky. The city actually garnered the lowest violent crime rate in the state for qualifying cities and highest in northern Kentucky.

Kentucky’s safest city, according to the site, is Somerset, located in Pulaski County.

Madisonville earned a very high 0.73 Safety Index score, rendering it Kentucky’s #2 safest city, with Lawrenceburg and Erlanger rounding out the rest of the top five.

The top 15 cities are:

Rank, City, Score

1 Somerset 1.08
2 Madisonville 0.73
3 Lawrenceburg 0.5
4 Fort Thomas 0.43
5 Erlanger 0.4
6 Mount Washington 0.39
7 Independence 0.34
8 Elizabethtown 0.33
9 Hopkinsville 0.32
10 Henderson 0.3
11 Berea 0.3
12 Danville 0.3
13 Jeffersontown 0.29
14 Shepherdsville 0.19
15 Georgetown 0.15

To see the rest of the results or to read more about their methodology, go here. 

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