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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fort Thomas Police Chief Casey Kilgore to retire

The City of Fort Thomas is now looking for a new Police Chief.

Fort Thomas Police Chief Casey Kilgore has announced that he plans to retire effective November 30, 2019.

Chief Kilgore has served in the Fort Thomas Police Department since November 2000.  He has spent his entire police career with the City of Fort Thomas. Kilgore earned his Bachelor's Degree in Criminology from Ohio University, and his Master's Degree in Public Administration from Northern Kentucky University.  He has proudly served the citizens of Fort Thomas as a Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Commander, Bike Patrol Officer and Media Officer before being named Chief of the Department last year.

“I have experienced an amazing career filled with great opportunities and wonderful people.  The City of Fort Thomas has been a tremendous place to work, live and raise a family.  I will truly miss all of the great people that I get to work with on a daily basis.  Retiring this year was not something that I was even considering; however upcoming changes to the state’s pension system have influenced me to explore all of my options.  Retiring this year is simply the best long term decision for my family. I feel very fortunate that I am able to retire happy and healthy, and I look forward to spending more quality time with my family and friends.”

Mayor Eric Haas has named Lieutenant Brent Moening as the interim chief effective upon Kilgore’s retirement. Lt. Moening is an 11 year veteran of the Fort Thomas Police Department and currently serves in the position of Administrative Lieutenant.

Mayor Haas stated, “Casey has been a great asset to our Police Department throughout his career and we are grateful for his contribution as our Chief. It is unfortunate that other circumstances have lead to his retirement as he was performing at an exceptional level for our department and our citizens. We understand his decision and wish him and his family all the best moving forward. He will be missed.”

Mayor Haas intends to consult with City Administrative Officer Ron Dill to develop a hiring process for filling the position.

He commented, “This is an unexpected opening in our department so we will work toward creating a process that will offer us the most qualified candidate within a realistic timeframe.” At present there is no schedule for naming a permanent replacement for the chief’s position.

1 comment:

  1. It's a real shame that we are losing such experience and talent because our state can't support our public employees. Please please please take a good long look at our election next week and make the same choice as our police, fire, teachers, etc.
    Vote for Beshear before we lose more good people.