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Monday, October 28, 2019

Baioni, Nieporte, Ponzer, Kempf honored as Global Leaders

Baioni, Nieporte, Ponzer, Kempf. 

Each month the Fort Thomas Independent School Board selects people who have demonstrated the skills identified in the district’s Portrait of a Graduate. These skills match key roles of courageous leader, empathetic collaborator, creative problem solver, curious and critical thinker and global communicator.

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Global Leader awards are open to all including students, faculty, school staff and administration, parents, community members or area business people. Nominations can come from anyone in the school community.

Dr. Karen Cheser shared a letter to the schools from Mark Wehry of 859 Sports Radio. Wehry regularly provides play-by-play coverage for Northern Kentucky games.

He wrote, "We were at Highlands tonight for the Ryle game as our Game of the Week. I have never left a school feeling more compelled to compliment on how we were treated...The hospitality was top-shelf. Kevin Nieporte gets it.

He knows how to treat people, and everyone in the program takes his lead and could not be nicer. It’s not all about the most points in the field, it’s about scoring points with people, and in this your staff is undefeated. From Kevin to Jeremy Baioni to Guy Ponzer to Jill Kempf in the parking lot, we were treated like family. Be proud of what is going on at Highlands High School – It’s a special place, filled with special people."

For representing Highlands so well, the team of people mentioned in Wehry’s letter were awarded Global Leader awards as both empathetic collaborators and courageous leaders.

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