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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Two Highlands Middle School students create ‘Trunk or Treat’ experience for foster kids

By Jessie Eden

Two fantastic Highland Middle School students are using the Halloween season to give back to foster children.

Reese Dunbar and Mayson Gindele decided that they wanted to volunteer somewhere for kids during Halloween because they felt like every kid should have the same memories they have. So, they got in touch with DCCH (Diocesan Catholic Childrens' Home).

“We got a contact at DCCH. They reached out and asked what they could do,” said Kelly Gindele, Mayson’s mom. “As a result, they got to design, shop, decorate and man the DCCH van for a trunk or treat event for the resident and foster kids.

They did an amazing job and received a ton of compliments. This was 100% their idea and their vision.”

Last Thursday, the girls kicked off their first “Trunk or Treat” experience As a result, the girls have been asked by DCCH to be Fort Thomas’ community ambassadors.

“DCCH has monthly support meetings for the foster/adoptive parents. They need volunteers to put together programming/activities for the kids during those meetings,” said Kelly. “They have asked Mayson and Reese to help with that and the girls are wanting to do that a few times per year.

As far as the Fort Thomas ambassadors, DCCH has named Fort Thomas as a Targeted Community Campaign to convey the DCCH's need for foster, adoptive and respite parents.”

Mayson and Reese will start partnering with DCCH as part of their campaign to spread the word. The two girls will start reaching out to residents, businesses, and churches to see if they are willing to put a yard sign up.

“This is a new relationship, but the girls were very passionate about helping the kids and want to continue to do so in every way they can,” said Kelly.

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