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Monday, November 25, 2019

Fort Thomas Fire Department thankful long-time patron is on the mend

Fort Thomas resident Lee Cordray (middle) stopped by to thank firefighter/paramedics for their help. (l to r): Lieutenant/Paramedic Eric Scherpenberg and Firefighters/Paramedics Brandon Fromeyer, Sam Behrle and Scott Shepherd.

By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor   

As part of his monthly report to city council, Fort Thomas Fire Chief Mark Bailey shared photos of his department’s activities for Fire Prevention Month in October.

The month is a national annual public awareness campaign and one of the busiest months for fire departments across the country. This year’s theme was "Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape." In Fort Thomas the month was marked by extensive community training opportunities for all ages as well as a regional poster contest and the first-ever "Firefighter for a Day."

"We held 39 specific fire safety/public information classes throughout the month involving 883 participants. We were touching base with a lot of different people," said Chief Bailey.

The Fort Thomas Fire Department hosted groups of all ages for information and fun during Fire Prevention Month 2019.
He shared several photos, most taken by Lieutenant/Paramedic Eric Scherpenberg, who has been instrumental in the poster contest and other promotions for the month. In particular, said Bailey, the lieutenant secured $4,000 from Christ Hospital and area Fort Thomas businesses for the Northern Kentucky Fire Prevention poster winners.

"Fort Thomas schools (public and parochial) had 17 winners. A lot of great posters were coming out of Fort Thomas, a lot of good fire prevention ideas...Again, I thank everybody for participating in that event this year as well as the whole month...The entire department, all three shifts, really enjoy doing it, putting it together every year," Bailey said.

In addition to the contest and classes, this was the first year for Firefighter for a Day. Grace Mumper of St. Thomas School won the honor with her winning essay. She had the opportunity to spend the entire day with the department.

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Another area student also had the opportunity to spend time with firefighters this month as part of the Woodfill Big Top event. Alexandra Owensby won a special prize — the opportunity to ride to school in a fire truck.

Here are a few of the photos from the October monthly report:

Children get a look at firefighting gear up close.

Whole classes of area children visited the Fire Department.
Fire department personnel held 39 fire safety and prevention classes for 883 participants.
Elementary students visit the Safety House to learn about Fire Prevention.
In addition to the month's Fire Prevention activities, firefighters continued with their own trainings.
Ride a Truck to School Winner Alexandra Owensby of Woodfill Elementary poses with her family and new fire service friends.

Chief Bailey also had one more photo to share, that of a happy crew with a resident and friend of the department who had stopped by to thank them for helping her in a recent medical emergency.

"Lee Cordray has a special place in the fire department’s heart. She is the one several years ago who purchased and donated our six ballistic vests," he explained. Late one October night she experienced some medical issues and called the department for help. The firefighters responded and rushed her to the hospital where she got the help she needed.

"As you can see, she came back after to visit...she has a special place with us, a real wonderful lady, and we are so glad she’s doing well and on the mend," he said.


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