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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In Other Words: Nothing Is Worth Having Unless You Share It

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It’s Thanksgiving week. Time to let out the pants and have another slice of pumpkin pie - or two. It’s time to be grateful for our bounty. Time for football. Time for family, friends, food, and drink.

But it is also the time where we begin to reflect on the year and plan for a better next year.

It’s time to ask “For what am I grateful?” So if you will indulge me a bit, I have a response or two. I am grateful -

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to drink morning coffee with friends
to go to the gym to work off that donut
to work on community projects that I truly enjoy
to still kiss my wife good morning and good night
to dabble
to muck about
to weed the garden
to putz
to chill
to kill time
to read
to chat
to challenge
to say thank you to everyone who cared for me during a long and difficult illness
to hear the rain splash under the tires of passing cars
to cuddle babies
to enjoy my wife’s sunrise photos
to nap in the hammock by the shore
to once again witness the change of seasons
to have creative friends
to accept kindness
to learn something new every day
to have ability to help another
to hear the laughter of children
to attempt to make the world a little better
to experience the wonders of nature
to understand that I failed often and publicly in spectacular fashion
to accept the new day
to mourn loss
to celebrate the joys of others
to have more questions than answers
to be aware of every crack and flaw
to pay attention to what’s really important - others
to those who make me laugh and think and feel
to unexpected surprises and happy accidents
to be sappy and not care
to a guitar that stays in tune and fingers that still move
to feel the warm sun
to wrap myself in the comfort of night
to have survived cancer and for the goodness of science and prayer and love
to be grateful for the opportunity to try again

It’s easy to list the things for which we are grateful, but how do we practice it? How can we put it into practice? Try this. Write a text or email or a handwritten note to someone and say something nice or give honest praise for a job done well, a kindness, or whatever.  A cousin who lives rather far away sends weekly texts with a silly image and a hug emoji or just a simple “Love you.” I treasure those little notes.

Or make a list at the end of the day of three things you are grateful for. Then ask how can you share that with someone. Because nothing is worth having unless you share it.  Putting your gratitude into practice has a genuine effect on people. And for that, I am thankful to all of you.

Courtesy Unsplash

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