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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Serendipitous meeting leads to meaningful partnership for these northern Kentucky women

By Jessie Eden 

The annual Medicare enrollment is now underway through December 7, 2019 and for many people on Medicare , this is an extremely useful service you want to take advantage of to look at plan options for 2020.

For two Northern Kentucky women, Medicare enrollment was not only turned into a lifelong friendship with an emphasis on giving back.

Through a very serendipitous series of events, Cathy Halloran came across Suzanne Janosick’s Fort Thomas business advertisement. Suzanne is a licensed Health Insurance Agent with “Med My Way”. Cathy, who prefers the name “Chick”, saw her advertisement for Medicare enrollment while considering Medicare options for her husband that was close to turning 65.

“I just made a connection with her on the picture,” said Halloran. “We hit it off immediately. It wasn’t until we met face to face, that I realized we had met before.”

You see, before meeting during Medicare enrollment, Halloran actually helped Suzanne’s mother. “My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years ago and really benefited from the material that was given to her from Chicks and Chucks during diagnosis,” said Suzanne.

“Chicks and Chucks” is a non-profit created by Halloran that is dedicated to providing support and assistance to local breast cancer patients and their loved ones. The organization is completely ran by volunteers and has been operating for the past 13 years.

Over the past 13 years, Chicks and Chucks has raised over a $500,000 for Breast Cancer patients and survivors. The money raised goes toward co-pays, post-surgical garments, wigs, and deductibles.

Halloran herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and through a deep spiritual connection with God, she found her calling to help other breast cancer patients in the form of “Chicks and Chucks”. Halloran is now in remission and she and her sister Cheryl dedicate their lives to helping others affected by Breast Cancer.

“The passion I have at work keeps me going. I’m a prosthetic bra and wig fitter and there is so much validation when the nurses bring them {breast cancer patients} over to me,” said Halloran. “I am also a breast cancer survivor. It will be 18 years in January. The makes such a difference. They feel hopeless and they leave feeling hopeful and with a hug.”

Having such a personal experience with Halleron has resulted in a beautiful friendship and Suzanne even uses her Medicare sales to give back to the organization. “We have become great buds,” said Suzanne. “I give a portion of all my open enrollment sales to Chicks and Chucks.”

And, Halloran fondly refers to Suzanne as her “Breast Friend”.

So, if you are looking into Medicare enrollment and you also want to make a difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer, consider reaching out to Suzanne with “Med My Way” She’ll take good care of you AND a portion of the sale will go towards helping others with “Chicks and Chucks”.

If you want to learn more about all the great things that “Chicks and Chucks” does or if you want to donate to the organization, visit .

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