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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

City and Army Communication Lines Open on Stable Property

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is aware of the city's interest in the stables, and discussion lines now appear to be open.

By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor 

The city and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are now talking actively about the potential for the Fort Thomas stable property, which is owned by the corps. The city would like to one day take over the property, but many steps have to take place before any plans can be discussed.

City Administrator Ron Dill reported at the December council meeting that the corps of engineers informed the city that it has been authorized to perform an environmental evaluation to determine if any harmful materials are present on the site that might require remediation.

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Environmental remediation is a first step before any of the property can be sold, transferred or otherwise change hands.

Dill was cautious about any speculation on next steps but said at least preliminary discussions appear to be underway. The army corps is still using the structure for storage so, if the city were to acquire the property at some point, finding or building the army a suitable replacement property would be a consideration.

"The discussions are still very preliminary and will require additional information regarding any building specifications or property details. The news to report is that there is communication and acknowledgement of the city's interest in obtaining the structure," said Dill.

While no timeline has been discussed at this point, Dill said the city would like to have a potential plan within the first quarter of next year.

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