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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Fort Thomas Schools Honor Longtime School Attorney

Fort Thomas school board members Karen Allen, Jeff Beach, Lisa Duckworth and Brad Fennell and Superintendent Karen Cheser say a heartfelt good bye to school attorney Don Ruberg.

By Robin Gee

After 43 years representing the Fort Thomas Independent Schools District, attorney Don Ruberg is retiring. At the December board meeting, school board members and the community honored and thanked Ruberg for his years of service.

"It's been wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with this system," said Ruberg. "It's the outstanding system in the state and one of the outstanding systems in the country. We dealt with some thorny issues at times...but, with the help of a great administrative team and a very supportive board, we worked our way through those."

He went on to praise the current board and administration. "You've got a great board here, you've got a great administrative team, a bunch of great teachers, very supportive parents. I know I'm leaving everything in good hands," he said.

Ruberg then surprised the board with a donation to the schools. "It's been a great ride, that's all I can say. Mary and I are looking forward to our retirement, and recognizing what the schools have done for the community and for Mary and I, I want to present a check...In closing I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything that's gone on here and the great results you've achieved – just keep up the good work."

Board members and Superintendent Karen Cheser took turns to thank Ruberg and wish him well in his retirement.

"I can't say enough about what Don has given us," said Cheser. "...It's so nice to have Don essentially on speed dial. He's always been so responsive, given us great advice and helped us work through many tough issues. I can't imagine having a better resource as a superintendent and board...He always looks for what is best for our kids, best for our employees."

Cheser and the board presented Ruberg with a Global Leader Award and with an engraved pocket watch to thank him for all he has done for the schools and the community.

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