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Friday, December 13, 2019

Moyer Teachers' Efforts Bolster Student Wax Museum Project

Moyer teachers Chris Capal, Jillian Hurtt and Jane Donovan (l to r) and Kelsey Hogberg (not pictured) were instrumental in adapting the Wax Museum project for new curriculum.

By Robin Gee

In the face of major shifts in fourth grade social studies curriculum this year, Moyer teachers acted quickly and decisively to adapt and support the annual Wax Museum project, a favorite activity of the entire school community, according to parent and PTO member Kate Gallagher.

She addressed the December Fort Thomas school board to say, because of the teachers' efforts, the project will come together despite changes from the state announced just before the start of the school year.

She nominated teachers Chris Capal, Jane Donovan, Kelsey Hogberg and Jillian Hurtt for Global Leader awards.

"This year, a week before school started, the state changed the statewide curriculum for fourth grade," Gallagher explained.

"These teachers, undaunted, kept going and wholly revamped the Wax Museum project to focus on Colonial individuals as opposed to Kentucky historians and famous people. In three short months, while still acclimating themselves to the other changes in the curriculum, they produced a diverse list of men, women, people of all races, ages for the fourth graders to present."

Despite the short timeline, a dearth of resources on Colonial America for the fourth-grade level and the complexity of the project, the teachers collaborated to come up with a completely revised and high quality project in time for the children to present their Wax Museum on December 12.

Gallagher said she nominated the teachers because they exemplify all five of the key characteristics in the district's Portrait of a Graduate: courageous leadership, creative problem solving, curious and critical thinking, empathetic collaboration and global communication.

"They have persevered in spite of significant changes to the curriculum. They have quickly implemented these changes to maintain the Wax Musuem...They produced a high quality diverse list of characters. They collaborated with their colleagues in their school...They communicated the changes to parents and students," she said.

The teachers' work has preserved the character of the Wax Museum despite the challenges. Each has gone beyond their role as teachers to be mentors, encouragers, champions and so much more, Gallagher said.

The school board thanked the teachers and presented them with Global Leader awards.

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