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Thursday, December 12, 2019

The history of the business on the corner of S. Fort Thomas Avenue

By John D. Coffman, Coffman's Realty 

A young couple contacted me recently saying they were interested in buying a house.  Through our discussion, I came to find out that his family had been clients of Coffman’s Realty through multiple generations.  Not only had the young man’s parents purchased their home through Coffman’s Realty, but his grandparents had done the same.

He asked, “How long have you been selling”.  I thought for a minute, and said, “It all started in my early teens.”

I was with my father at an appointment at the Fort Thomas Bellevue Bank.  My dad was having a conversation with Jim Hales and Dick Prince.  Jim noticed I was carrying a wooden game and asked where I got it from.  “I make them”, I replied.  Impressed, he asked me questions and offered to let me set up shop in the bank lobby on Friday nights so I could sell my work.  Over the next couple of years, I made four different games and sold them in the bank lobby.

While at Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, I continued my entrepreneurial endeavors by participating in the Junior Achievement (JA) Company Program.  The program encouraged entrepreneurship and business education, which I participated in from my freshman to senior year (1978) in high school.

JA taught me many things about managing a company: sales, operations, customer service, and so much more.  I received many awards and won many of the contests I participated in as part of the Junior Achievement program.  Not only was I able to travel regionally for various competitions and award ceremonies, but was also able to travel to Hawaii and the Bahamas because of my outstanding performance in the sales program.  My greatest accomplishment in the program was receiving my first two years of college tuition paid for in-full by JA.  For all of these opportunities I am incredibly grateful.

I graduated from Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in 1982, and in the same year, received my Real Estate License.  Although I didn’t receive my license until 1982, I had been observing and learning real estate as long as I could remember.  In 2001, I received my Brokers License, and 14 years later (2015) became the Owner of Coffman’s Realty.

Most of my business comes from past clients and referrals, as in this case with the young couple that contacted me.  My philosophy has always been to treat client’s right, explain the process, and be there every step of the way.  By guiding my clients through this process, there’s no doubt that they will be satisfied with their purchase.

Not many realtors can say they have sold to three generations of homeowners, and we are proud to share that we have.  We intend to continue to grow our roots in Fort Thomas / Northern Kentucky with the announcement of our newest Real Estate salesperson and third generation of Coffman’s Realty, Scott Coffman. Scott, we are so proud of your accomplishments and for you to carry on the family business.

Coffman’s Realty was founded in 1963 by my parents, John and Myrt.  It’s through their hard work and dedication Coffman’s Realty is where it is today, and it is our goal to continue the success.
If experience and professional service is what you’re looking for, contact Coffman’s Realty at, 859-441-8090 to learn more.  Our website offers the ability to search the MLS, shows what we offer, and has several links to helpful information and proud testimonials.

John D. Coffman (John Jr.)
Broker / Owner

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