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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy Announces Annual Public Meeting

The annual public meeting and presentation of the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy (FTFC) is slated for Wednesday, January 22, at 7:00 PM at the Carrico Public Library on Highland Avenue.  You will learn more about land protection, outreach programs, and volunteer opportunities.

The FTFC is in its tenth year of serving the city and provides a vital service to the community.  Its mission is to “protect, restore, and conserve the natural areas that contribute to the vitality and unique character of Fort Thomas through land preservation, responsible stewardship, and the promotion of community awareness understanding, and enjoyment for present and future generations.” Essentially, its function is to keep the city green and the annual presentation will highlight those activities.

Mark Leopold, FTFC board director, says, “The organization was founded in 2009 as an accredited Land Trust by the IRS, meaning it is approved under federal tax laws to accept land easements and donations for benefit of the community.  These community benefits include air and water quality, heat and noise reduction, natural heritage and bio-diversity preservation, and community aesthetics, recreation and health improvement.  Thus the organization is a community tool to preserve and maximize our quality of life derived from our collective greenspace resources. 

It is also an organization to unite and remind us of the importance of nature’s gifts to our everyday lives.  Having the 501(c)3 tax exempt status provides additional tax deduction incentives for volunteers and contributors when supporting FTFC membership and activities. Conservancy membership supports greenspace awareness and preservation programs and numerous projects, programs and activities provide volunteers options for hands-on community education and land stewardship. “  

Learn what you can do to keep the city's forested charm at or on their Facebook page.

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