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Monday, January 6, 2020

Mary Jo Wedding Selected GOP Nominee for District 67 Special Election; Homandberg Throws In for November

Bellevue resident and Newport native Mary Jo Wedding is the Republican nominee for the Kentucky District 67 special election.

 By Robin Gee, City Council Beat Editor

Soon after the Campbell County Republican Party announced selection of their nominee for the upcoming special election for Kentucky House District 67, another Republican filed for November forcing a primary challenge.

Mary Jo Wedding is the Republican nominee to face Democrat Rachel Roberts in the special election on February 25. Regardless of the outcome of that race, she will face at least one challenger in a primary election.

Southgate City Council Member LeAnna Homandberg has also filed for the November election and will face Wedding in a GOP primary in May.

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CCRP selects Wedding

CCRP Chair Sarah Cameron made the announcement of Wedding’s selection live on Facebook following a special meeting of her executive board. Flanked by CCRP Youth Chair Kristin Turner and Laura O’Brien, 4th District GOP youth chair, Cameron said, "We are excited to get behind this strong female candidate."

While using Facebook was new and had some technical glitches, Cameron said, "It was exciting because we knew there were many waiting for our announcement in real time at their homes."

She added that the process for selecting a nominee was very exciting because of the number of highly qualified candidates. Each had filled out an extensive questionnaire and were interviewed by the entire executive committee.

"Everyone on the board took their role very seriously and was inspired by the willingness of the candidates to step up," she said.

"At the end of the day, we were very happy to select Mary Jo Wedding as our nominee. Mary Jo has an awesome story that we believe will resonate with her district. She is a graduate of Newport High School and went straight to work after graduation. Without a college degree, she pulled herself up from her bootstraps to build her own business, which through her amazing work ethic is now growing and successful," Cameron added.

As for her selection, Wedding said, "I am excited to move forward in getting our message of accountability and transparency out to the citizens of District 67. I started this path in November and am anxious to continue advancing our mission.

Wedding grew up in Newport. She is a managing partner in TriChecks, a payroll and related financial services firm located in Cold Spring. She also is a student at Northern Kentucky University and is one semester away from graduation.

Homandberg enters the race

Republican attorney LeAnna Homandberg announced her candidacy for the Kentucky District 67 election in November.

The day after the CCRP’s announcement for the special election, Homandberg announced her candidacy for District 67 in the November election.

When asked if this was common after a nominee has been selected by the party, Cameron said,"Although not expected, I think it is exciting that the Republican party has two conservative women ready to take on this role for the 67th House District."

Homanberg explained her decision to run. "In my term on council I realized that I am passionate about being a voice for others. I enjoy finding creative solutions that accommodate the needs of many regardless of party lines," she said.

"I decided to run for District 67 because I want to not only be a voice for Southgate but also for neighboring cities...I am determined to be as accessible as possible and to bring the needs, wants, issues and problems of District 67 to Frankfort," she said.

Homandberg is chair-elect of the Northern Kentucky Bar Association Young Lawyers Section and is on the board of directors of Family Promise of NKY, a sheltering program for families.

What this means for the candidates and the electorate

The bottom line is that voters in District 67 will have a number for choices to make in the coming months. Wedding will face Roberts in the upcoming special election. Regardless of who wins that race, Republican voters can go to the polls again for a primary on May 19. And, the winner of the primary will run again in November.

When asked about the upcoming primary hurdle, Homandberg said, "It will definitely be that, a hurdle. I look forward to walking door to door meeting the people of my district and learning how I can best serve them. I hope the voters can recognize what Kentucky needs in a state representative; and that is someone who is dedicated to her community and can provide new perspectives."

Wedding is facing at least two election campaigns (the special election and the primary), and based on the results of the primary, she may be running in the November election as well. She is already planning ahead. During the CCRP Facebook announcement Cameron also said a fundraiser for Wedding will be held at 6 p.m. on January 23 at The Headquarters Event Center, 935 Monmouth in Newport.

Kentucky House District 67 includes Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, Wilder, Highland Heights, Silver Grove, Melbourne, Woodlawn and portions of Southgate. The special election is set for February 25, 2020.

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