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Monday, January 27, 2020

Mortgage Rate at 4%? This Local Mortgage Broker Could Help You Save

As rates go down, your savings may go up -- learn more about how Entrust Mortgage can help.

Believe it or not, the emergence of the Coronavirus has led to a drop in home mortgage rates...which could mean big savings for you.

Purchasing or refinancing a home can be one of the largest transactions you will ever be involved in so making sure you understand the process thoroughly is crucial. Local Independent Mortgage Broker, Lee Witte of Entrust Mortgage, LLC prides himself on making sure the consumer is not only educated about this but also protected.

“The true definition of a Mortgage Broker is that I am a transparent educator working soley for the consumer versus one retail lender, with independence allowing for wholesale lender competition.” 

With over 17 years of lending experience working for Retail Lenders, Witte made the jump to become an Independent Broker in Feb 2019 and it has truly paid dividends for him. He has seen his business flourish now that he is no longer captive to one lender and can offer his clients multiple options. He is also the creator of the Facebook Group Fort Thomas Real Estate Forum which has been a great resource for those looking to purchase in Ft. Thomas.

Lee Witte of Entrust Mortgage, LLC
“Although I grew up in Bellevue, my family roots are in Ft. Thomas. I live in the house my Grandparents built and have developed some truly great relationships here in town. I love serving the community and being that local resource when it comes to Mortgage Financing.” 

Witte has been a resident of Fort Thomas since 1999, lives with his wife Laura and has raised 4 children within the Fort Thomas School District, with one remaining in the Middle School.

If you would like information on Purchasing or Refinancing a home please contact Lee directly at 859-380- 5674 or email

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