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Thursday, January 30, 2020

National Website Highlights Tower Park and Fort Thomas History

Aerial view of Tower Park military homes.

By Jessie Eden

It's always nice to receive recognition and we knew as soon as we saw this mention about Fort Thomas, we wanted to share it with you.

Of course, we all know how amazing our city is... but, this article may surprise you with some historic details you didn't know.


A Fascinating Army Post That’s Filled With History, Step Back In Time At Tower Park In Kentucky

Engineer Corps at New Post, Campbell Co., KY - Taken Oct. 30, 1889

By Andrea Limke, Only in Your State
Jan. 30, 2020 

It’s quite remarkable when you come across a historic location in Kentucky that has been preserved and allows visitors to step back in time. Our state is proud of its history, so thankfully there are many such places where you can easily visualize what life was once like in the Bluegrass State. 

In the lovely city of Ft. Thomas, you’ll find a fascinating former army post that is now a beautiful gathering place for the community. Tower Park in Kentucky is filled with history and you’ll love learning about its past, while enjoying this delightful neighborhood park.

Ft. Thomas is a small, lovely city in Northern Kentucky that is filled with fascinating historical sites.

Fort Thomas' 150th Anniversary!

One must-visit destination is Tower Park in Kentucky. Once an army post and even a fort, there are many remnants of the past within this popular neighborhood park. The 102 ft. tall. stone water tower is the easiest structure to spot and draws you in for a fascinating history lesson about the area.

Historic military homes at Alexander and Cochran Ave. in Tower Park.

The tower was built in 1890 and offers historical markers and incredible artwork in the form of a bronze plaque. Before the arrival of the water tower, Ft. Thomas was established as an important army post.

Samuel Woodfill displays his medal of honor

The army hosted a number of soldiers and activity here for 161 years and many of the original buildings still stand. You can read the entire history of the post and the city of Ft. Thomas on its website. If you visit Tower Park today, you can stop by The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum.

The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum.

This museum is open to the public and houses interesting artifacts, as well as fascinating exhibits. Learn more about the museum, as well as its hours, on its website. Another notable feature of the park is the street that's filled with these grand, historic homes.

Historic military home in Tower Park.

These are not a part of the park, but you can admire them from the sidewalk. Once abandoned, these beautiful buildings were the homes of army officers. While you'll want to explore the historic markers and buildings of the park, be sure to take advantage of the modern features, as well.

Historic military home in Tower Park.

Tower Park offers a large playground, picnic shelters, basketball courts, tennis courts, walking paths, and much more. It also has an amphitheater where you'll find events throughout the year.

Tower Park Amphitheater

The park plays hosts to a number of gatherings each year, and of course you'll always find locals enjoying all of its amenities and history. It's not often that you find a park and playground that is filled with so much well-preserved history.

Crowd enjoys 4th of July celebration at Tower Park.

As a kid you may have pretended to play around an army fort, but in Ft. Thomas you can explore, run, and play in the real thing. Ft. Thomas is such a worthy place to visit in Kentucky for its charm, history, and tasty restaurants. And when you are in the area, be sure to visit Tower Park in Kentucky and walk through a bit of history in this fascinating former army post. 

Have you spent time in Tower Park in Kentucky? What’s your favorite historical site in the Bluegrass State? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on the park, visit its website.


Click this link to see the full article by visiting the website "Only In Your State".

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