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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Scam: Caller Impersonates Fort Thomas Officer, Demands Payment Over The Phone

By Jessie Eden

Fort Thomas Police say a new phone scam is circulating with a new tactic trying to steal your money.

While the concept of a phone scam is not new, scammers are getting smarter with their methods. As a result, many are figuring out new ways to trick you into giving them money.

In a press release this morning, FTPD says they have received several reports of scam calls from a man claiming to be a Lieutenant. The man uses the correct name and rank of an officer and informs the individual that they were expected to be in court as a witness... but, since they did not show up, they now owe money.

The caller then demands payment over the phone and threatens legal action if the individual does not agree to pay.

FTPD says this is NOT something they do.

If you have any information on calls like this, please report the incident to FTPD at 859-441-6562 or Campbell County Dispatch 859-292-3622.

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