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Monday, January 27, 2020

This Bourbon Trail Beauty in Maysville Needs Your Love (Part One)

Take a peek inside this 18th century Maysville home... 
For Sale: This big Bourbon Trail beauty in Maysville needs your love

By Jessie Eden
If you’re a house nerd like myself, you find a great fascination with certain things. I take great joy in the history behind worn, hardwood floors and arched windows. Give me all the ornate fireplaces and spiral name it. If it’s in a historic home, I’m interested. This house, built in 1890, sits on a hill overlooking the Ohio River in Maysville. This beauty is right on the Bourbon Trail and it caught my eye immediately. It was even featured last week on the national Facebook page “For the Love of Old Houses”. I love most of the houses on this page… but this one was even more intriguing since it’s so close to Fort Thomas. It is only about an hour from Cincinnati, an hour and a half from Lexington and just two and a half hours from Louisville. The home, listed at $124,500, has only been on the market since the first week in January. Campbell County Huff Realty Agent Selena Engnes says it didn’t get ANY traffic the first few days. “When I listed it a couple weeks ago, it went up on January 3rd and there was no traffic all weekend… then, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing.” So far, Selena has shown the home at least 20 times and 6 other listing agents have also shown it. A gem like this probably won’t be on the market long. It’s even gotten some interesting attention from people in other states just calling to ask about it. Even a psychic went on a showing, intrigued by the home’s old age. The home itself has enough rooms to get lost in, that’s for sure! Selena ran out of space on the listing. “I took so many photos, there are so many rooms that people just need to come see it. I took 50 photos and there are still areas that I couldn’t get,” said Selena. It has 6 fireplaces, an 1890s boiler that still works (and of course, an updated kitchen and furnace for those of us that want to ‘party’ like it’s 2020 instead of 1920). There are 5 bedrooms, oak hardwood floors throughout, 2.5 baths. The home boasts a large foyer, elegant parlors, a classic dining room with chandelier, sunroom, enclosed back porch, and wrap around porch. Just imagine drinking a glass of bourbon on that porch. What a dream! The arched windows, french doors and butler’s pantry with serving window are sure to impress.

For Sale: This big Bourbon Trail beauty in Maysville needs your love

According to Selena, it most likely had a grand entrance so we can *maybe* assume that this was a wealthy family. “You can see in the front of the home there are different yard levels and there are some old, broken stone steps that go up and then disappear and it flattens out like a landing. You have to imagine, back in the 1890s, this was all horse and buggy so this is likely how people entered the home,” said Selena. She also said the serving window from the kitchen and two sets of staircases were likely for servants. There is also a fireplace and sitting area/bedroom on the third, attic-like floor — most likely the servant’s quarters.

But, what does gorgeous gal need? A loving, hardworking family. The structure needs a new roof and although the owners have done some work, it needs additional restoration work. “I just want to see it in the right hands so it can get the TLC it needs before it’s beyond repair,” said Selena. So, if you’re interested — and I mean seriously interested — in touring the home, please contact Selena Engnes with Campbell County Huff Realty at 859-781-5100. See the full listing here. BUT I WANT TO LEARN MORE! You aren’t alone, I do too fellow history nerds! Although the house will likely be off the market in the next two weeks, I’ve contacted Maysville's Kentucky Gateway Museum and they great research folks there have agreed to help me search for old photos, architectural plans and more. I hope to jump into the home’s rich story for part two of this article. This is what we DO know; it has been owned by the same family since 2005, they say it is not on the historic register. Prior to that, it was owned by an optometrist. I’m hoping to speak to both of them in the next week to get more information about the estate. I’ll be conducting research next week so stay tuned into Fort Thomas Matters for Part Two: The Maysville House on January 31. 

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