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Friday, February 21, 2020

Fort Thomas writer/photographer, Jenn Summer's Obituary Featured on 'Today'

Jenn Summer's obituary featured on The Today Show.

By Jessie Eden

Jenn Summer touched many lives...and now her obituary, written by her dear friend Cassie Fox, is being recognized on a national scale and touching even more lives.

The obituary itself celebrates everything Jenn was while also politely demanding that others remember some very important things such as getting a mammogram or making sure someone you love gets a mammogram, saying 'I love you', and "Never, ever let a chance to use 'that’s what she said' pass you by."

The Today Show posted an article Thursday afternoon by A. Pawlowski outlining the life of Jenn, the lives she touched and her battle with breast cancer.

Fort Thomas Matters writer Jenn Summer passed away earlier this month. She wrote many pieces for Fort Thomas Matters including a life-changing experience at the former Beverly Hills Supper Club site. Her battle with cancer began when she was 38 and was experiencing some dizziness. It turned out to be Stage IV Breast Cancer.

The obituary, written by her best friend Cassie, was shared by actor and comedian John Fugelsang. Jenn had photographed John in the past.

In a series of tweets, John honored Jenn's memory. In one tweet, he said "When I first met Jennifer I was a bit taken aback at how she said “I love you,” all the time, to almost everyone. Now I’m trying to say it more. Thank you for being, my beautiful friend." 

In other tweets, he shared photos of her and photos she had taken.

(Pic: John Fugelsang Twitter)

A.Pawlowski, a contributing writer and editor for NBC News and The Today Show digital platforms, saw John's posts and decided she wanted to learn more about Jenn.

As a result, Jenn's viewpoint on life, as expressed by her dear friend Cassie, are now displayed on a national stage and reaching hundreds of thousands of people and possibly saving lives with many great points but especially this one; "Get a mammogram, or encourage someone you love to get one." 

You can read her full obituary here. Jenn leaves behind her son, 15-year-old Dakota, who also lost his father this month. Dakota will be taken care of by Jenn's aunt, Deb. 

You can help by donating to this Go Fund Me. The proceeds will go towards Jenn's funeral expenses as well as Dakota and Deb's new life together.

Jenn, we will always remember you and miss you. 

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