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Monday, February 10, 2020

Mint's New "Yoga For Healthy Aging" Class Tackles Balance and Flexibility

People participating in the "Yoga and Healthy Aging" class at Mint Yoga Studio.

By Jessie Eden

It’s a hard truth but if we are lucky enough, we will all live a long and healthy life. This also, obviously means we will age. There is no Fountain of Youth. You aren’t Cher and you can’t “Turn Back Time”……but what CAN you do to fight the effects of aging?

One of the answers to this age old question is living a balanced life through self-care and fitness and Mint Yoga Studio is helping people do just that with a class taught by Jenny Holmes Rice called, “Yoga For Healthy Aging”. 

Jenny designed the program based on research from Dr. Baxter Bell, MD. Her experience and 200 hours of registered yoga teacher training has shaped her new practice which encourages people to stay active well into their “Golden Years”. "As we age, we become unbalanced, physically and mentally. Our body, mind and breath…we become aware of habits that have been hardwired in us. Through yoga, we learn to become soft-wired and learn new ways to shift old habits,”said Jenny.

Jenny Holmes Rice built the "Yoga and Healthy Aging" class on the research of Dr. Baxter Bell, MD.

The chair-assisted yoga class focuses on balance, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, breath work, and general well-being.“We practice a variety of poses especially the ones that cultivate flexibility, balance and agility to improve postural reflexes that have become rusty overtime,” said Jenny. “I like to call yoga the thinking exercise. The balance of movement and stillness in class helps bring awareness to our bodies and mind.” 

Studies show yoga can reverse the effects of aging through building bone mass and reducing hypertension. Range of motion increases and more importantly, connections are made with friends.“You become part of a community at Mint, a family of people who take the time to get to know you and care! It’s a social hour for most people,” said Jenny.

The class itself is designed for people of all ability levels. Jenny says the class is especially important for those who are caregivers as it gives them a chance to care for themselves. Chair-assisted yoga is not limited to any certain type of age group. It’s appropriate for everyone and cheaper than physical therapy. Yoga is also beneficial for people who are suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, M.S. It is also an important form of rehabilitation for stroke victims.“Yoga is for EVERY BODY,” said Jenny. "It is also important to remember that yoga is a philosophy, not a religion,”

For those who may still be apprehensive, Jenny is a huge believer in one simple concept.“If
 you can breathe you can do yoga”, said Jenny. “People are drawn to yoga for the relaxing aspect that it brings to their lives, and many people tell me that Final Relaxation is their favorite part of the class. It’s amazing, through conscious breathing, that a person’s blood pressure can lower. ‘Where the mind goes the body will follow’ this class you’ll experience positive thoughts, see friendly faces, learn healthy tips on aging with grace and you’ll learn how to find peace of mind.”

Mint offers special discounted pricing to seniors (62 and older), teachers (educators), students, nurses, first responders, active military, and small business owners, please email to see if you qualify.

If you’re interested in the Yoga and Healthy Aging class (or any other yoga class), check out Mint's website. Mint has 26 classes on its schedule, from restorative to power classes so there’s something for everyone.

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