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Friday, February 21, 2020

Newport Community Offers Help For Man, Sick Daughter to Dress Up for Night Out

Gary and his daughter Naomi. She is currently battling brain cancer.

By Jessie Eden

A social media post about a Hamilton, OH, man needing a suit has reached Northern Kentucky...and the Newport community is eager to help.

Gary Short Sr. is the father of Naomi Short, a little girl with brain cancer in Hamilton, OH. Naomi was diagnosed with Stage 4 pineoblastoma brain cancer. In October 2019 alone, she had 4 different brain surgeries. She has made it through proton radiation. Now, she will go through six months of chemo.

Naomi is now in the hospital undergoing more treatment this week...but Gary wants to take her on their special date as soon as she gets out of the hospital.

Last year, Gary and Naomi went to a daddy/daughter dance at her school, Crawford Woods Elementary."I finally got to take her last year to a father daughter dance. it was amazing and she had a blast. she was looking forward to it so much again." 

Naomi Short (Pic: Gary Short Sr.)

This year, Crawford Woods Elementary has expanded its daddy/daughter dance to a VIP dance to include all caregivers. "I asked her if she still wanted to go and she said she'd rather do a daddy/daughter date. She said she wants to know what it feels like to be treated like a real princess from a prince."

Naomi Short (Pic: Gary Short Sr.)

So, Gary put out a post on his Facebook page asking for a suit. As of 3 p.m. on Friday, it had been shared 55 times.

Facebook user Tiffany said that after learning more about Naomi's battle with cancer, it inspired her to share Gary's post on the Newport Community Discussion Facebook page...and the community rallied behind Gary and Naomi.

"My best friend shared Naomi's story because she had met him while her son was admitted in Children's Hospital. I read about Naomi and fell in love with her bravery and strength. When I seen my best friend share his status he put up, I felt the need, obligated to do something even if it was simply sharing the same post," said Tiffany. "I honestly didn't think that anyone would comment or try to help just trying to spread the word, you know? When people started commenting wanting to reach out to me for Gary and asking questions I personally reached out to Gary to explain how I shared the post and so many people are wanting to help make this special day happen. I am a mother myself to 5 children I couldn't even fathom how to hold myself together. So to help make Naomi and Gary have this ever lasting joyful memory is the best feeling I could ever have." 

Community members showed an outpouring of different ways in which they were willing to help Gary and Naomi. There suit offers and offers to buy Naomi a special dress to wear on their daddy/daughter date. There were even offers to help with a corsage and boutonnière.

This is a developing story. Fort Thomas Matters has reached out to Gary to see what their future plans are for their special daddy/daughter date. We'll post more updates as soon as we hear back.

You can learn more about Naomi's battle on the family's official Facebook page here.

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