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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New Website, Hotline: Gov. Beshear Gives Update on Coronavirus Cases

Gov. Andy Beshear holds live stream update on Covid-19 cases in Kentucky.
(Img: Gov. Beshear live stream, 3.10.20)

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear gave an brief update on the Coronavirus and COVID-19 in a live stream on Tuesday.

Here are some key points;

- There are 6 confirmed cases in Kentucky in the following counties. They do expect more but Gov. Beshear is emphasizing the need to keep everything in perspective. "We need to stay calm, no reason to panic. We are all going to get through this. Your local and state health departments are prepared."

- The cases are located in 3 counties;
Harrison County (Two females, ages 27 and 67 and one male age 68. All three are linked cases), Fayette County (Two males, ages 49 and 46), and Jefferson County (One Male, age 69)

(Img: Gov. Beshear Facebook)

- Governor Beshear has declared a state of emergency which allows certain access to funding needed to combat the virus. He has also made changes to medicaid and signed an executive order to waive copays.

- There is a COVID-19 website that people can consult if they believe they have symptoms. It also outlines when an individual should or should not pursue media attention.

(Img: Gov. Beshear Facebook)

- There is also a Coronavirus/COVID-19 hotline if you have questions: 1-800-722-5725.

- Gov. Beshear has signed two executive orders. The first allows pharmacies to refill perscriptions up to 30 days for individuals who may not want to leave their homes. It also allows (if needed) the ability to create mobile pharmacies to help people access medication. The second allows for stronger guidance on restrictions on visitors to nursing homes and long term care facilities to protect the most vulnerable.

- If you are concerned about seeing your loved one at a nursing home or long term care facility or complications regarding these facilities and your loved one, you can call the Kentucky Inspector General's office at 502-564-2888.

- Gov. Beshear also encouraged Kentuckians to put things into context. "Kentuckians should have confidence that we are working everyday to protect them. We are doing everything we can to protect them. Please put this into context; there has been a huge amount of coverage and I understand that that causes a real concern but there are 22,000 cases of the flu in Kentucky and 6 Coronavirus cases. There have been 85 deaths from the flu."

Governor Beshear also reiterated that cleanliness is key. "Wash your hands with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer. Please practice the type of hygiene that protects everyone around you." 

Watch the full live stream here:

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