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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

'American Maid' Cleaning Service Celebrates Growth

American Maid of Fort Thomas expands.

By Jessie Eden

In 2016, Fort Thomas resident Nora Schomaker dove into the cleaning industry on a leap of faith. By 2018, the business, American Maid, was thriving thanks to excellent reviews and word of mouth recommendations from her Fort Thomas clients.

"It is an honor to be hired to come in to someone’s home to help them out with the chores around the house," said Nora. "It’s very up close and personal, it’s  a position of trust and we take that seriously. We like to think that what we do allows our clients to use their free time doing things that matter to them  rather than chores." 

Now, in 2020, Nora is celebrating another milestone for her cleaning business -- "American Maid" has added seven additional cleaners...and business is booming.

"We have been able to add an additional 40 to 50 clients that we clean on a consistent basis either weekly biweekly or monthly," said Nora. "We also have several clients that call as needed as well as some commercial cleaning."

When asked why she thinks the business has taken off so far, she says the community is a large part of American Maid's success. "I believe our dedication to quality and consistency is the key to satisfying our clients," said Nora. "Word of mouth and community support have also played a huge role in our success." 

But -- that's not the only reason why the operation has been so successful. "One other thing....I have the best staff in town," said Nora. "That's really what makes it work so well."

American Maid of Fort Thomas offers a variety of different services. To learn more, visit the American Maid website.

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