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Friday, March 6, 2020

Fort Thomas Native Opens Cat Cafe in Covington

Fort Thomas Native Chuck Patton expands cat cafe concept to Covington
(Img: Purrfect Day Cat Cafe Facebook, Chuck and his family)

By Jessie Eden

Well, the cat is out of the bag...and hopping right into a new cat cafe in Covington.

Fort Thomas native Chuck Patton unveiled his plans this past Wednesday to bring his wildly popular cat cafe concept, Purrfect Day Cat Cafe, to Covington this June.

Chuck, a Highlands Grad (88') says the response to the Cat Cafe, especially from the Fort Thomas community, has been great. Chuck lived in Fort Thomas from the time he was 2-years-old until he left to go to Western Kentucky University. He still has ties to the area too. "My sister, mother and step brother still live in the area, my best friend lives there. I've gone on and enjoyed my new hometown in Louisville but when this opportunity came up, there were so many people that shared our news. It's great to be back here." 

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The new location, next to Libby's Southern Comfort at 17 W. 8th Street off of Madison Avenue, is currently being rehabbed. Although there is no firm opening date, the Purrfect Cat Cafe will host a 'mock' pop-up/opening event at Hotel Covington prior to its opening.


You may be wondering where this purrrrrrfect idea came from. The concept came about three years ago when Chuck sold the business he had started with his wife and began thinking about what he wanted to do next. "It was soul searching on what I wanted to do. I'm a very creative person and I like to think outside of box. I enjoy industry-disruptive businesses. I embrace it." 

Thankfully, while on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, Chuck and his wife came across a cat cafe. They went inside to learn more from the owner. "I walked in and told the lady that my wife and I would like to come in on Saturday...and she told us there was a four-and-a-half hour wait to get in!" The woman explained to Chuck that the cafe was SO successful that they actually had to go throughout the state of South Carolina to get cats from shelters (cats that were usually put down) in order to keep up with how many adoptions they had. After that, Chuck, a devoted animal-lover himself, was sold. "My wife and I talked about it and she said 'You have to do this. You can pull this off'. So, I thought, ok, I'm gonna do it and give it a shot." 

The rest is history. The Louisville location of Purrfect Day Cat Cafe opened on August 8, 2018. The business was completely booked for the first three weeks straight. Even now, the Louisville location is booked every single Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Chuck says he thinks the success has to do with people wanting to give back. "I think people today want to support a cause and want to have action with a cause andI think we just happen to be a good conduit to collect that." 

Kids and parents enjoy playing in the cat area of the Louisville location (Img: Louisville 

So far, the Louisville location has completed 2,450 adoptions...that's 160 to 200 adoptions a month.

Although the Cat Cafe is a fun business concept...there is also a strong giving aspect to the cafe. "There are two things that I want people to understand; First, when people walk in and they almost always have a smile, that is so rewarding for us," said Chuck. "Second, there is a giving piece to this because we've been a success, the word is getting out to shelters that don't have the resources. Some Kentucky shelters have stopped euthanizing because they know they can bring the cats to us. For the first time in the history of the Kentucky Humane Society, this is the first year that they've had more adoptions for cats than dogs." 

Coming to Covington:

Now, Chuck and his family are pouncing on another opportunity -- a second location in Covington. The oppurrrrrtunity (sorry) presented itself after a staff member with Kenton County Animal Services contacted the Kentucky Humane Society, an ally of the Louisville location. "It was just kinda the way business works, all the moons lined up. We have had tremendous success in Louisville. The number of adoptions is crazy. The Kentucky Humane Society was contacted by  Kenton County Animal Services in Covington and they were impressed by the amount of the adoptions we had done so far. The woman worked with the Kentucky Humane Society and asked if we would ever entertain the idea of bringing a cat cafe there. So, we started looking at locations."

It wasn't long before Chuck settled on Covington for its similarities to their Louisville location. "In Covington, we liked the level of investment we were seeing with Hotel Covington and other things in the area and opening up in the area. I stayed at Hotel Covington with my wife and the rooms are gorgeous. The area was the closest to the kind of vibe where my Louisville location is now."

MEOW, you probably have some questions so let's get to the basics...

Who Goes to a Cat Cafe? Anyone.

Party celebrates inside the cat area of the Louisville location (Img: Louisville Purrfect Day Cat Cafe Facebook)

This is NOT just a space for people who are obsessed with cats. "I think there are a lot of things I'd like for people to understand about the concept. I would love for people to realize that this is not a place for cat-obsessed people to come where there is food everywhere and cat dander all over you," said Chuck. "This is for community-minded people who are animal-lovers."

Chuck says he's welcomed several different groups into the Louisville cafe...and the cats certainly don't mind. "The space itself is so eclectic and so accepting. A cat doesn't care who is petting long as it is getting love."

To date, the Louisville Cafe has hosted;
- Three Proposals
- A Wedding
- A Bar Mitzvah
- Bachelorette Parties
- Birthday Parties...even one for a 90-year-old veteran!

Yes, there is MEOW- cohol and Snacks:

Some of the sweets offered at the Louisville Purrfect day Cat Cafe (Img: Purrfect Day Cat Cafe website)

Yes, there is a bar with plenty of MEOW-cohol...and snacks! Although the new location hasn't set its menu, you can check out everything the Louisville one has to offer here.

Is Everything in the Same Space?

The bar area at the Louisville Purrfect Day Cat Cafe (Img: Purrfect Day Cat Cafe website)

Don't worry -- The bar and the cats are NOT in the same area. "The cats are separated from cafe," said Chuck. "It is all up to health code with separate ventilation and everything. The bar area is separate from the cat area. You actually have to go inside that separate area to play with the cats. This is where they live until they are adopted."

Do I Have to be a 'Cat Person' to Enjoy Myself?

#2368 Louis was a sweety with a tiny meow that won many hearts.
His new dad needed a new furriend, and Louis was the one.
(Img: Lousiville Purrfect Day Cat Cafe Facebook Page)

Nope, hang out in the bar and grab a snack instead....but fair warning -- Chuck says you may find yourself smiling from ear to ear. "I love when people say they aren't cat people. There are so few jobs in the world where you're dealing with customers that are smiling when they walk in the door and see 25 kittens, laying in puddle on the floor." 

Stay up to date with all the upcoming news on the Purrfect Day Cat Cafe on their company Facebook Page.

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