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Monday, March 23, 2020

Fourth Death from Covid-19, Cases Total 124 and Expected to Climb This Week

Gov. Beshear announces that a 4th person has died from the coronavirus in Lexington, 21 additional cases in Ky.

By Jessie Eden

In his daily press conference, Governor Beshear stated that a fourth person has died from coronavirus in the Lexington area. The victim was a 82-year-old woman with underlying health conditions. Governor Beshear also announced 21 additional cases in Kentucky.

There are no additional cases in Kenton County as of Monday, Mar. 23.

Gov. Beshear also reiterated that the safest place to stay healthy is at home. "We are entering what will be tougher times. We are expecting an escalation. We will get through this and we will get through it together." 

Dr. Steven Stack encouraged people to take advantage of going outside but keep your distance from others to protect other people. "If you think you are young and think you're invincible, it's your responsibility to help protect those who are vulnerable."Whatever you're about to do, if someone gets infected with the coronavirus and ends up 2 weeks later on a ventilator, was it worth it?" 

Gov. Beshear also reminded viewers that Social Distancing is not social isolation. He reiterated that people just have to change the way they go about interacting with people right now.

He also brought up the importance of keeping kids on a schedule to help them adjust to homeschooling and handle the anxiety of this situation.

In addition, he reminded viewers to support local businesses, especially those who serve our local community.

In regard to testing, Gov. Beshear is pushing for more widespread testing. "Our limitations are a couple but it mainly goes down to the personal protective equipment. It's about the types of masks, clothes, nasal swabs to do the tests. There is a critical shortage across the country and in Kentucky. I am doing everything I can to buy as much of it for our people, every day, as much as possible. We are following every lead."

Finally, he asked Kentuckians to acknowledge thank the nurses, doctors and medical professionals on the front lines.

Below you will see the newest updates. Watch the full press conference here.

Please note that the latest updates can always be found on the KY COVID-19 WEBSITE

  • The Team Kentucky Fund is now LIVE. This will help people who are undergoing extreme hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can log on and give instantly. Gov. Beshear is inviting all businesses and individuals to donate. The funds will go directly to people who need it. Donations are tax deductible. Every penny helps. Learn more here.
  • To Report Dangerous Circumstances (i.e groups not engaging in social distancing, businesses not complying, etc.) Please call the Covid-19 Report Line. It is open 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and you can call after hours and leave a message. 1-833-KYSAFER (597-2337)
  • Security procedures ramping up at hospitals, local and state law enforcement will be present to make sure things are running smoothly. 
  • Gov. Beshear asked for media outlets to start running PSA's to help spread the message.
  • Survey of outpatient medical centers to take inventory of items that may be needed if cases increase and supplies are needed.
  • Gov. Beshear stated that the World Health Organization also confirmed on Monday that the Coronavirus is escalating. "The Surgeon General says things are going to get bad this week. This is why we're being aggressive."
  • He also asked that places of worship ring their bells at 10 a.m. every morning.

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