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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Gov. Beshear Announces One Coronavirus Death in Campbell County, Seven Total Deaths and 114 New Cases

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear announced Tuesday that there are 114 new cases in Kentucky with 2 new cases in Kenton County and 1 in Campbell County.

Gov. Beshear also said that sixty-four Kentuckians have recovered from the coronavirus.

There were a total of seven deaths. Gov. Beshear said that all of these patients had underlying health problems;

  • 88 year-old Female from Fayette County
  • 74-year-old Male from Bullet County
  • 87-year-old  Female, 81-year-old  Female,  74-year-old  Male, 66-year-old  Male in Jefferson County.
  • One individual in Campbell County, in their 80s. Still waiting on more info. This is a new report.

Gov. Beshear then introduced Dr. Steven Stack to speak for a moment about the virus. "The vast majority of us are going to be ok. Eighty person of people are going to be fine, children are usually spared," Dr. Steven Stack. "This is not a game, this is for real. Hesitation hurts a lot. You have to act boldly. If you do the things we have already asked you to do, we're going to be ok." 

Dr. Stack also addressed questions about masks;

  • If you are sick, self isolate and stay at home unless you feel you need medical care. 
  • If you are sick but well overall, wear a mask to keep your germs from others.
  • Don't wear masks walking around in public because you're taking them from health care workers.

Additional Updates:

Drive Up Testing:
Gov. Beshear also said that his office is working on a concept for drive-up testing. "We are working with some partners that we will announce. Know that we have everything in place to start moving this testing forward. The University of Louisville will be helping process tests. They have increased their capacity significantly. We want to make sure that any testing we do is effective. We are in negotiations to work towards that day. I do believe that we are continue to take steps forward to get closer." 

He also added that evictions are suspended during a state of emergency. Rent is still there and will eventually be owed.

Remote Notarizing:
Things like wills can now be notarized and completely remotely through video.

School *May* Cease for This Year:
Gov. Beshear will be looking at school district directives this week to extend quarantine until April 30, similar to President Trump's directive. "It is within the realm of possibility that we will not have any more in-person classes this year, we have to at least be prepared for it and I know superintendents have been making those preparations if that is the case."

Drive-Thru Church Service Idea:
Gov. Beshear addressed the creative idea of doing drive-thru church services, especially for Easter. He said if the following conditions can be followed, it may be a creative solution;

- Cars 6ft apart (since people will likely have their windows down)
- Only one family per car. If a family lives together, they can be in the car together.
- No passing things from car to car. This may be difficult with communion but it cannot be done. 

Childcare for Grocery Workers: 
Childcare has been opened up to grocery workers as of Tuesday, Mar. 31.

Release of Non-violent Inmates:
Gov. Beshear is looking at releasing individuals who are near the end of their sentences, medically fragile and non-violent offenders. Still working through that process.

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