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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Gov. Beshear Announces Second Coronavirus Death, Positive Cases Nearly Double

Gov. Beshear coronavirus update for Thursday, Mar. 19.

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear issued another update Thursday afternoon on the coronavirus pandemic. A second person, a 64-year-old male from Jefferson County, has died from the coronavirus. The man was a part of the population most at risk for the virus.

In addition, the number of positive cases in Kentucky has risen from 28 cases to 47.

Governor Andy Beshear also encouraged Kentuckians to continue to practice good behaviors of social distancing and even highlighted model examples including thank you notes written to teachers and connecting through sport: baseball practice and barre.

He even mentioned a nursing home, the Legacy Reserve Independent Living in Lexington where residents are keeping spirits up by singing "My Old Kentucky Home" to one another.

Watch the full video of these seniors at this nursing home singing "My Old Kentucky Home" here.

Governor Beshear went on to explain that this is just a test. "This Coronavirus is a test to see if we can truly be a great neighbor to one another and most Kentuckians are passing that test."

The YMCAs of Kentucky are stepping up to help provide childcare for medical workers as well as police officers, correction officers, firefighters and more.

Other updates included;

Eight Labs are Now Testing:
According to Gov. Beshear, at least 8 different labs across the state are now testing for the coronavirus.

First Child Diagnosed In Ky:
A six-year-old in Jefferson County has also tested positive for the virus. Governor Beshear reminded viewers that although this can be distressing for parents to hear, children are very resilient against the virus and usually experience little to no symptoms. Not one person under the age of 19 has been admitted to ICU, let alone experienced serious symptoms as a result of the coronavirus.

No More Gatherings:
Gov. Beshear also announced that ALL social gatherings are closed which includes all government gatherings, festivals, houses of worship and faith...with a few exceptions to stated businesses.

Unemployment Insurance:
Gov. Beshear issued guidance and a schedule in which to apply as well as additional steps for SBA loans and small business owners.

Cautioning Against Rumors:
Gov. Beshear cautioned viewers about rumors, specifically mentioning the National Guard coming into cities and setting up shop. "We have two enemies," said Gov. Beshear. "One is the coronavirus and the other is fear. We have to guard against both. There is a website that has all our updated information. If it's not on the website, it's not true." 

School Closures:
Gov. Beshear also warned that although schools have been closed for two weeks, the closures may last longer. "Schools have closed for two weeks, but we ought to be prepared for that to be longer."

To view the most up to date information on Covid-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic in Kentucky, please visit the website:

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