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Friday, March 27, 2020

Gov. Beshear: If You're a Kentuckian, I Need You To Not Go To Tennessee

By Jessie Eden

UPDATE AS OF 6:49 P.M. - "Unfortunately we have had a third death today, bringing our total #COVID19 related deaths to 8. Today we lost a 73-year-old female from Jefferson Co. Our thoughts are with her family. ^AB" (Gov. Beshear's Facebook Page)

Governor Andy Beshear issued his daily Coronavirus update for Friday, Mar. 27 with the following updates;

- There have been three additional deaths. A 75 year-old-female from Fayette and a 77-year-old male from Hopkins. This is the first day Kentucky has had two deaths in one day.

- We had 54 new cases today. We expect the numbers to elevate but the increase is small right now.


Boone = 1
Campbell = 2
Kenton = 3

- "There are reports that a church in Florence is still holding service. Several people have reported the church by calling the hotline. We can't still be doing some of this," said Gov. Beshear. "I'm a person of deep faith, so are so many other people who have made the sacrifice not to go to an in-person service. God would not want to put our people at risk in this way. I know that in my heart. Please, please follow these directives."

- A Perry Co. man in a nursing home that they believe tested positive yesterday was incorrect. This man's test has come back as negative.

Governor Beshear continued to reiterate that a large increase is still possible. "The next two weeks are critical. We have very, very large surges going on in various parts of the country. We have more time than they do to reduce that curve. We aren't competing with another state, we're competing for the health and lives of our people."

- Gov. Beshear strongly stated that Kentuckians along the border of Tennessee should not travel to Tennessee. Tennessee has not taken the steps that we have. "If you're a Kentuckian, I need you to not go to Tennessee. We will be better protected as a state if our neighbors do the same thing but I can't control them." 

- Gov. Beshear has also contacted city and county officials to close public playgrounds, basketball courts have been ordered to close to discourage large crowds.

- Eric Friedlander spoke on the issues of homelessness and what is being done to help this demographic. He stated they are doing everything they can do to help aid those experiencing homelessness. There is more HUD funding potentially coming down from the federal government. Shelters are offering guidance. He asked local communities to work together.

- Unemployment claims are being processes, despite some people receiving messages saying they do not qualify. This is not accurate. You will get an email from unemployment next week outlining your claim.

- A segment outlining ways to connect with your child during this time was featured at the beginning of the briefing. You can view it here.

- There are 1,352 ventilators in Kentucky. Gov. Beshear says they are trying to increase that supply every day.

- Kentucky is working with at least two hotels to hopefully allow the space to turn into extended hospital space, if needed.

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