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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Here's a List of What Will Stay Open: Governor Orders Non-Essential Businesses To Close Thursday

Gov. Beshear signs an executive order to close all non-essential businesses.
Here is a list of what WILL be open...

By Jessie Eden

Governor Andy Beshear announced in his press conference on Tuesday that further steps would be taken to ensure that Kentuckians were following safe social distancing practices. As a result, he announced that all non-essential businesses would be ordered to closed at 8 p.m. on Thursday night.

More clarification on the executive order came out Wednesday around 12 p.m. in the form of a PDF released on Gov. Beshear's Facebook page. 

Essential businesses may remain open...but every other business must close per the Governor's order. We have included a full list of what CAN REMAIN OPEN below.

Essential businesses are defined as those that are 'Life-Sustaining' businesses. Below you can read a section of the his order that outlines this. (Read the full details of his executive order here..)

The businesses that can stay OPEN include: 

  • grocery stores
  • drug stores and pharmacies
  • banks
  • hardware stores
  • agricultural operations
  • gas stations
  • media
  • businesses needed for transportation 
  • logistics 
  • shipping
  • delivery and pick-up
  • housing, building and construction
  • laundry
  • financial services
  • home-based care and services 
  • professional services
  • manufacturing 
  • other businesses key to national interests or life-sustaining goods or services
  • businesses covered under the federal critical infrastructure sector

You can read the entire executive order here.

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