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Thursday, March 26, 2020

NKY Plumbing Company Owner: Tradesmen and Women are Proud to Wear the Badge of "Essential Workers"

By Brady Jolly 

These past few weeks have been tough for everyone. We’ve all had to accept the new normal in our everyday life. Anxiety is high on this invisible virus we are fighting and the headlines change minute by minute.

When the severity of the situation became clear, I found out that my company, Jolly Plumbing, would be classified as an essential business. But I have to be honest, I did have the thought, is my plumbing business really that essential? Just the other night in one of Governor Beshear’s recent 5 PM updates he used the term life sustaining business instead of essential. Again I thought “People probably don’t see plumbing as life sustaining.”

You see, even an owner of a plumbing company who grew up around the trades can forget about the importance of our services. Try going without hot water or a toilet for a few days. Or heat. Or electric. All the basic necessities that we take for granted every day. It’s part of what separates us from a third world country. What helps us fight things like COVID-19 and any other virus or disease you can name. Just like our frontline workers in healthcare, our talented and dedicated tradesmen and women are absolutely essential. Yes, even life sustaining.

Are they concerned about being out? Absolutely. They have every right to be, but in a lot of ways I’ve seen a shift in our team's mentality from it’s “just a job” to now it’s a duty to be working. These past two weeks are the proudest I have ever been of the Jolly team. They are out there everyday risking their health for the health of our region. This is the reason we started the The Journeyers, a project that promotes the trades as a viable career. It’s times like now, when you see the pride they take in the important work they do, that really validates that sentiment.  

We recently made badges for our employees with “Essential Employees” at the top. Sure, it’s a precaution in case they get pulled over for being out but really in my eyes, that’s a relic I hope they keep for the rest of their lives. I hope they show it to their grandchildren one day. When everyone else stayed home, they went out. That’s what they do because without them life as we know it would stop.

We wont stop,


Brady Jolly is the owner and CEO of Jolly Plumbing, Jolly Cleaning and Restoration, Jolly Property Maintenance and the Jolly Event Center based in Wilder, KY. 

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  1. I'm a electrician and I had the same thoughts.All we do is new construction and my I was wondering how that is essential in a time of crisis as this?