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Monday, March 23, 2020

One Highland Temporarily Suspends Construction Due to Covid-19

The One Highland project by Greiwe Development at the corner of Highland and North Fort Thomas Avenue has been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 concerns.

"We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during the excavation phase of the One Highland project. This is the most disruptive work on a project like this, and we are happy to report the bulk excavation is done! We have decided to put a temporary pause on the construction due to the COVID-19 situation, and hope to be up and running again in 30-60 days," said Rick Greiwe  of Greiwe Developement. "Once work continues the number of trucks coming in/out of the job site daily will be significantly less. Even with job traffic decreasing, we will continue the street cleaning tactics throughout the duration of the project."

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The company said that excavation of the site has been completed and the fill dirt has been used by the city to improve a nearby park. 

In addition, Greiwe Development stated that they are facing some issues within the construction supply chain due to the coronavirus. "We have several issues we are closely monitoring, including the construction material supply chain. We want to avoid delays and have more certainty about our schedule once we restart the project. Additionally, we want to insure the safety of our construction subcontractors. It's our top priority and we need a stable environment."

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