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Monday, March 9, 2020

St. Elizabeth Receives Award for Quality, Value of Patient Care

St. Elizabeth has received a prestigious award from a trade association in the health care industry called AMGA. The organization is dedicated to representing multi-specialty medical groups and integrated systems of care. AMGA advocates, educates, innovates, and empowers members to deliver the next level of high performance health.

On February 26, St. E has been named AMGA’s 2020 Acclaim Award recipient in a press release from AMGA. The Acclaim Award, supported by the AMGA Foundation, rewards the nation’s premier healthcare delivery organization that has successfully aligned itself with the AMGA’s attributes of a High-Performing Health System™ and the quadruple aim.

AMGA’s Acclaim Award honors healthcare delivery organizations that are bringing their organization closer to the ideal medical group and health system by measurably improving the quality and value of care, improving patient experience and outcomes, continuously learning and innovating, and improving population health.

“The purpose of the Acclaim Award is to recognize organizations that exemplify the highest ideals of the AMGA model of care,” said John Kennedy, M.D., AMGA chief medical officer and AMGA Foundation president. “St. Elizabeth’s aligned their physician workforce within a culture of value based care and demonstrated remarkable improvements in both patient outcomes and patient experience. They have also worked tirelessly to scale and sustain these improvements over time, creating a legacy of high quality care for their patients and communities.”

In addition to its ongoing efforts to promote AMGA’s attributes of a High-Performing Health System™ and the quadruple aim, St. Elizabeth Physicians was recognized for the following initiatives:

  • Development of a comprehensive Opiate Use Disorder/Substance Use Disorder response
  • Development of a comprehensive ambulatory care management program
  • Development of a value-based performance department
  • Development of a focused strategy to improve patient perception of care
  • Development of a provider incentive plan with a single set of non-specialty specific measures

“I am so proud of the physicians, providers and associates of St. Elizabeth Physicians for the transformative work they have performed to earn the Acclaim Award,” said Dr. Robert Prichard, M.D., St. Elizabeth Physicians president and chief executive officer. “Receiving this honor is a reflection of years of creative solutions and hard work now demonstrating material change in the health and lives of our Northern Kentucky communities. St. Elizabeth looks forward to continuing this journey and leading the way toward a healthier America.”

St. Elizabeth Physicians will discuss their initiatives in detail during a session they will host at AMGA’s upcoming 2020 Annual Conference, March 25-28, in San Diego, CA. Two other medical groups were also named for their accomplishments; HealthPartners and Intermountain Medical Group.

Learn more about St. Elizabeth Physicians’ initiatives are available here.

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