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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Woodfill Principal Honored with a United Way Do Good Award

Woodfill Elementary School Principal Keith Faust was honored with a Do Good Award by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky for his work bringing Unified Sports to his school.

by Robin Gee

Samuel Woodfill Elementary Principal Keith Faust was honored as a 2019 Do Good Award winner, and the Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board members took the opportunity to thank and congratulate him at their March meeting.

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Faust was honored in particular for his development and promotion of Unified Sports at the school. Unified Sports is a program of the Special Olympics that partners athletes with and without special needs to build relationships, leadership skills and good sportsmanship.

The program gives children of all abilities and all grade levels opportunities to learn and grow together. It includes a unified club, unified physical education program and a unified sports bocce ball team.

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Faust was one of 17 recipients honored by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky for their work and leadership in supporting area children.

"I appreciate the United Way for the support, not just for myself, but for local leaders around the region...My takeaway from that event was there are a lot of good things happening in our community, not just around education, but in all facets that are out there to do good work for children of the region. I feel honored just to be a part of that small group. I appreciate the recognition tonight and from the United Way," said Faust.

In terms of Bocce, he said the spring session will begin on March 17. The program will expand to include students from Highlands Middle School this semester.

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