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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Bakery in Newport Offering Cookie Kits to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Quarantine

By Jessie Eden

If you're looking for a fun activity for your kids to shake up their daily routine, consider a cookie kit from The Little Spoon Bakery in Newport.

The Little Spoon Bakery has been operating as a home bakery for about two years but will be moving to a storefront at Newport on the Levee by the end of 2020."We will be moving to a storefront in December at Newport on the Levee. We are actually supposed to be there now in a Pop Up until our storefront opens, but have had to postpone opening until next month due to the current Covid-19 situation."

Owner Courtney Augsback is a Florence native who now lives in Newport and said she got the fun idea from other bakeries across the nation doing something fun for those at home. "I'm a part of a lot of cookie and home baking groups, both local and national, and I had noticed others doing similar kits and I thought it would be a nice option for local families that are stuck at home during the quarantine!"

People have the loved idea so much that before Easter, the boxes sold out really FAST. "We sold 57 last week in about 2 days! We have received great feedback so far from our customers that have enjoyed having an activity to do with their kids, and especially around Easter having something fun to do since most people couldn't do their normal Easter activities."

The creative little kits come in 4 different themes; Princess, Disney, Harry Potter, Coffee & Donuts, Pizza or Spring.

For $25, they include include 12 Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies, four bags of icing and two bags of sprinkles.

To order, simply visit The Little Spoon Bakery on Facebook and send them a message.

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